Curt's Recovery

Hallelujah! Yesterday the docs brought Curt out of the medically induced coma and the nurses said he was responding to their commands.While my daughter was there visiting him, he opened his eyes and furled his eyebrows as if to say "what happened". He also has mitts on because he was trying to extubate himself, again he looked at my dtr and raised both arms and stuck out the mitts "what r these?' is what his eyes were asking. It's been 8 days since his annie ruptured and I believe these r all good positive signs. Thank you Lord. He responds to pain stimuli and nods his head when asked if he knows where he is. God is good. We know he has a journey ahead of him but all these signs have to mean that he is coming along as expected after such an unfortunate accident.

Thanx again to everyone for their prayers and stories of encouragement.


Cathy, So glad that Curt is responding, what a good sign that he is on his way to recovering. I will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers. I hope you are taking good care of yourself, as you will need your strength. Make sure you schedule “Cathy” time when your able. Take Care, Mary

hi cathy! thats wonderful,thank God & thank you for sharing i'm really pulling for him- this is so emotional for me having been there done that- i feel confident he will improve drastically in the near future. i was not expected to be living back at home but i am! they told my family a nursing home was my best case scenario-so even if they tell you that don't believe them, anythings possible with God & prayer so we'll continue to keep him & his in our prayers. Please keep us updated! take care , Bless you all!

(((Cathy)))...Gosh I have tears in my eyes...these are good signs...~ Gotcha all in my Thoughts ~ Colleen