Upcoming surgery to clip Anne 1/07

I am scheduled for surgery on jan 7th. I am so ready to get it over with. Waiting is difficult. I am confident in my surgeon, Dr Barrow at Emory. Still waiting is difficult. :slight_smile:

Dee Dee! Many of us have been exactly where you are "waiting" "wondering" and sometimes "worrying". God is amazing and Dr. Barrow at EMORY is one of the best in his profession! You are in good hands. The process of waiting/anticipating can be challenging. Try to look beyond the surgery and see yourself healthy and whole, enjoying your friends and family and living a full life - 'Cause honey THAT is where you are headed. Look BEYOND Jan 7th, 2014! I'm praying for you and believing you are going to be JUST FINE!!!!

My surgery is on Monday, and I'm with you- the waiting is hard! I have a great Dr. In Madison, Wi. It's about an hour and a half from where I live, and I keep checking the weather to make sure nothing gets in my way.

Hi Marie,
I have been trying to keep very busy and that has helped time pass. I am about an hour from Emory hospital. Weather looks like it will be cold but thatโ€™s it. No snow or ice in forecast. Yeah. I hope weather is good for you as well.

With all the support we have here I believe we are going to do fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kathy! I am looking beyond now. Ready for the recovery journey to begin. Feeling very Blessed.

Yes, you are right. We are going to be survivors! I'm thankful we can decide where amd when we have our aneurysms fixed, instead of after they rupture. I believe we are taking control of our lives and that makes me feel strong. Stay in touch as we travel this journey together.

prayers for you and the others~~~~ you have one of he nations best, hang in there