Up date on ALANA S.'s husband JIM

He had his clipping today... And is in recovery, and talking... and can see...

Doc. said it was a long and rough surgery... but... He got it...

Thank GOD........................... :)

YeeeHaww!!!!! Another survivor

We will continue to pray him for a full, fast recovery. He is a survivor. My procedure will be on dec. 6 , coiling.
God Bless your family:)!

Hooray!!! A long road can be a beautiful road if he takes his time- hooray for survivors!

Yay!! Great news!!


The news of another Survivor is always great to hear!!..WONDERFUL

Great news! This is always the news spouses want to hear.

Be a good nurse to him and no doubt he will recover very quickly.

So nice when good things happen, no matter the situation.

Big sigh of relief - YAY!!!!!

LOL.. sorry for the confusion.. It's Alanas husband, not mine... :) She had posted on here some time back..