Prayers for Wednesday please!

Hi everyone, thanks for all of the knowledge, support and humorI’ve gained from everyone here! Now one more request (for now) my coiling is scheduled for this Wednesday and you could say I’m a bit anxious (understatement of the year). I would appreciate any prayers you could send my way;) thank you and God bless all of us! Heather

Heather, prayers are being sent your way. I'm convinced that prayers and a positive outlook helped me get through the trauma of clipping earlier this year. I also had a prient bless me at the hospital just prior to surgery... it made me feel blessed all over. The best of luck with the surgery.


Prayers and positive healing sent your way! just remember all your BAF family is cheering you on Wednesday! From one survivor to another, God Bless and have Faith!

Big Hugs,


Heather, i have you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with everything.

HI Heather....

You got them sweetie...

God Bless you...and remember after the is important...

Cyber~prayers coming your way...Colleen

Thank you so much everyone I feel the live and am using this to keep my attitude positive - it really helps!heather

Best wishes Heather - just think of how happy you will be by Wed evening! I was extremely anxious before my surgery too - but it's very "do-able" and you'll do great --- keep us posted. Prayers are headed your way!



You are in my prayers, and on my mind... Take a deep breath... It will be fixed soon, you'll be back home and enjoying life with no worries.. Focus on that..



Hello Heather, I'm new to this site...I have my own small issues.....I just want to tell you what God has for you it is for you...Have faith that it will be all good.....The funny part is we get so anxious especially myself and it's all for nothing....Your human so if your a bit nervous then you be nervous, Just think when this thing is done no more worries....It is all worth the nerves....God bless you sweetie and be strong....


I would like to share this prayer/mantra with you.

All will be well, and all will be well. All manner of things will be well. (Julian of Norwich)

Love and Light,


So much love & prayers go out too you!!!


My prayers and thoughts are with you Heather! You will be fine, and being anxious is normal. May God keep you in His safe and warm embrace! ((((HUGS)))) Keep us posted on your recovery!