Hello everyone yesterday afternoon I had this really bad migraine I tried everything and the darn thing wouldn’t go away for six hrs. So I wake up today and still have a dull headache boy oh boy this sucks this I hope after surgery gets better. I had open heart surgery when I was little I was one of the first kids to get the surgery for a v.s.d. so I was the Ginny pig lol that was alot of pain. But the problem I have now seems to be way worse pain.I am a very strong lady but those headaches really stops you from doing anything.I’t was my sons birthday yesterday and even with the bad headaches I still made his cake and milkshakes its a tradition. So I made it the best day I could for him that was a hard thing to do. But anyway I hope everyone has a great day and god bless.

Hi Jeannie...I never had a many headaches until I had that really bad one...then after coiling for sometime...now I get one about 1 or 2 times a month...and I know how crippling they can be ... I take feriocet for my headaches...and see my neurologist...and I find putting cold ice pack on my head and neck helps...and often a dark room...~ Hope you feel better today...~ Colleen

Thank you so much I didn’t try the Ice pack but I will next time thanks for the support god bless