I'm home!

Hi everyone, got home from coiling this morning. Woke from surgery with no headache. My wrist from main artery is what was hurting. It didn’t take long for the headache on right side to show up. By the time I got to step down unit I had the worst migraine on the left side. They had just stopped the order for the pain meds I was on. Pecocet didn’t even touch it. After waiting for 3 hrs. I got my first dose of morphine which didn’t help either. By third does I finally got relief. My coiling was on right side but I keep getting migraines on left side. I woke at 10 and I’m already getting a migraine. Seems strange to me to have on opposite side.
Thanks for praying.

Glad you are home Deanna...now you must take meds to help with headaches...and rest and sleep...esp when your brain is tired...Gotcha in my Thoughts ... Thank~God you are home...Colleen

I hope you get relief soon.


Glad you're home! Those headaches are so nasty. I found that ice bags helped as well. I used the pain meds for about a month, but they really messed with my bodily functions, so I stopped them. The initial healing process sucks, but then, again, we are so lucky to have been fixed and not stroked out. I was very depressed as well for the first few months. So, hang in there. This site if full of people who are so loving and supportive. I am 7 months out from coiling and balloon occlusion and I now have no headaches. So there is hope. But I did have them for about 3 months.

Hugs from Shelley (although you may not feel like one right now!)

hi Deanna! sorry to hear of headaches but glad you are a success! and that your home. i also think the head aches are normal as were mine after coiling and will subside every day,keep the faith we'll continue to pray. Rest and tylenol does wonders! ps thanks for the update this is how we stay connected to form our baf family!

Hi Nikki,
Feeling about the same. Very sensitive to light. Headaches still but seem to be getting better. Light still seems to bring the migraines. I wear sunglasses in the house and sleep mask to keep the light out. Not sure if I should try to get used to the light. At this point I’m trying to keep the migraines away.

Thank you

thank you

Yes the healing process sucks but we are very blessed to still be here. Doctor gave me fioricet for headaches, which works great. Only problem they gave me 10. Have 3 left. Called doctor Friday they never called back. I guess since headaches are normal I should just suffer through.
Thanks for the hugs, I am always ready for a hug.

Thanks Ron. I am resting and resting and resting and resting some more. Lol
Thanks for the prayers!

Yes, Deanna, I spent almost 4 months on the sofa! Whew! Keep on resting. Your body has been through a lot. Also, the woman who cuts my hair told me that the anesthesia really messes up your hair, and it turned out to be true. Just didn't feel or look right. It's fine now 7 months out. I know that hair is not high on your list of worries, but, hey, some day you will want to look in the mirror and see your beautiful self again. I promise!!!!

Hugs from Shelley

My wrist and hand were black and blue for a couple of weeks after my coiling! The headaches still occur on occasion and I am 3 months post coiling. One mistake that I made during recovery was too much screen time...I had the tv on, playing games on my Nook and texting friends. Brain overload and I really feel that added to the length and duration of headaches. The brain needs rest just like your body does. I am now back to work for 4 hour shifts and hope to increase soon. Patience is something I need to work on everyday. My pain was also on the rverse side of my coiling. My Neuro had no answers for that one! Good luck, be kind to yourself and soak in the help from friends and family!


Glad to hear everything went well, I hope you feel better soon.



Sorry you spent so long on the sofa. I hope I heal faster. I am resting alot. Went and had my hair done today and feel much better. Looks better but not the same as before surgery.

Hugs, Deanna

Hi Pam, Yea I'm pretty black and blue and whole arm ached yesterday. Today its my groin that is bothering me. It will probably be something else tomorrow lol.

I also noticed I can't be on computer, talk on phone or even listen to my favorite music. Can't handle loud noise and still sensitive to light. Makes for a boring day but I'll make it.

Hugs, Deanna

Thank you Bonnie, I'm working on it. My family is making sure I rest.

Hugs, Deanna

Hi Jo,

I have suffered with headaches most of my life and I was just telling my husband I think that's why I am handling this so well.

I'm resting alot. Seems one day I sleep lots and others, like today I only got a short nap. I'm learning what I can do and what I can't. Unfortunately I can't do much of anything.

Hugs, Deanna