Unruptured - Currently waiting - but thinking i should get it clipped

Hello bibewelove, thank you for reaching out. I have found a doctor at mayo clinic that i trust. I have decided to wait until August 12th for the surgery, however they will only schedule 3 months in advance, that way I can spend the summer with my daughter swimming and will recovery when she starts her school year as a first grader. I am also using this time (soon as it warms up) to get out and run. I need to drop 20 pounds prior to this surgery, want to be in the best shape I can be heading into this. Sounds like your surgery went well and was a good thing you got to it when you did. How was your recovery? They told me 3 days in the hospital and 6 weeks until I can go back to work. I know I will not push it and luckily I have short and long term disability. Also I have another unique health issue. I have a calcified lymph node inside my upper left lobe that causes a blockage in my lung, where pneumonia gets set and cannot get rid of. so the next round of pneumonia they will schedule to do a lobectomy. I will also do that at mayo. 3 years ago they thought I had lung cancer, but the PET scan did not show cancer, then 2 years ago it sprung up again and they found the stone. Did a bronchoscope and could not retrieve it because it was too large. I was on an antibiotic and presidone for 6 months to get rid of the pneumonia stuck behind my lung stone. The presidone caused me to have type 2 diabetes (which I am no longer a diabetic) and the bactrim antibiotic damaged my kidneys (which they have almost recovered). SO i will likely have two major surgery’s at mayo in a short period of time. One good thing about this, it is not cancer and there are many people far worse than me. I am excited to have the decision made to have the clipping and will be relaxed (I hope) going into it. have a blessed day!

I have had terrible short term memory, flashing lines in my eyes also. It’s so frustrating. I go Friday for my 6 month angiogram too see if the pipeline is working as supposed to. I’ve had 2 surgeries within 2 years. This one was coiled 10 years ago and failed. It came through the coils 50% bigger. Not a fan of coiling, but I know people that have done well on them so far. I’ve had 4 surgeries, craniotomy, coiling failed, pipelines on both sides of my brain. It’s hard but we are designed to fight and get through it! Keep the Faith!

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I am not sure why you are waiting to get clipped. Don’t you realize they will rupture? Then your percentage of living falls while you are in an ambulance to the hospital and in a spiral to get clipped. If you survive that far. I just hope you go ahead and get clipped.

Wow! You are a very patient patient! :smiley:

Yes. Get back to a healthier you will be your best medicine which will fight diseases and complications like no other medicines. Wishing you the best luck in controlling the known issues beforehand. That is actually the best and only thing you can do since you have already found your trustworthy doctor!

You are close to Mayo clinic, right? That’s great! I learned that it is a disadvantage for me to pick a non-local hospital for a major surgery. I think that doctor’s team would not care much post-surgery after ‘it is done’. At least that is what I learned about from my experience. If you do live kind of far away from Mayo, I hope Mayo does things differently than Barrow Clinic (Phoenix).

Enjoy your pre-surgery things-to-do. Just that I would not try strenuous exercises during this time. Like most people who had elected to have the clipping told me, I even left the bathroom door unlocked when I used bathroom. Who knows? We have to treat everyday as a new challenge since the aneurysm is still ‘untreated’. (Of course other things might go wrong, too)

I heard that core-muscle exercises trims the fat and build the necessary muscles we need in a short time. Please ask your physicians what kinds of exercises you can do to achieve the challenges.

For surgery: I am lucky that other than the ‘tube’ that got into my lungs scratched my throat (which caused me coughing - and it induces headaches), the pain caused by constipation (worse than the stitches pain), and one staple was left behind after I returned home (and was not discovered until 3 months later). I actually did not need any pain killers or seizer medicine at all. However, migraines kicked in about a month post-surgery. Weather contributes a major trigger to my migraine.

Get lots of help during and post-surgery. You will need it. I didn’t know bending down to retrieve my dogs could be so difficult (felt like my stitches might open? :frowning: ). I didn’t know I suffered migraines all the time. Things that I never knew popped up and my memory was affected somewhat. Words that I need to say just decided to reside deep in my brain and never want to come out. I was ‘uh— uh— that word? uh—’ a lot at least for about half year. Maybe psychologically I was afraid that my brain or my body goes downhill after the surgery. Plus, a scab never came off until almost 8 moths later after the surgery. That was odd. However, I am happy to tell you, things do get better. You just have to have faith and patience.

Let us know when it happens. We will pray for you! My son prayed and fasted for me. That was the most beautiful thing that kept me going. We will be your prayers team. Let us walk with you spiritually together. You are not alone. We are here to cheer you up.

May God bless you with your decision, surgery, and recovery!

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Thank you! I am scheduled for Surgery August 13th. I am at peace with this decision and have been since it was made. Now that it is officially scheduled, hotel rooms booked, I am anxious to get it over with. I chose to wait until August so I can spend the summer with my 6 year and do a lot of swimming. Thanks for all the encouragement!

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Hi Lyd,
Sorry it has been a while since I have responded to your post. I have not been feeling well lately-for the past month I’ve had daily headaches. Last week I had a CTA angio scan. I will see my neurologist on June 12th. I am hoping for the best. I am working and spending a lot of time with my grandchildren and my son.
I am sorry to read your dad has been having health concerns. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care.

Has anyone lost both short term memory and most of their long term memory after having a non ruptured aneurysm clipped?

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I think you should really start a New Topic for this, it’s important! On the home page, right side you will see a “+ New Topic”. Click on that and follow the boxes! Good luck!

Hi Myrna,
Hope you are doing better and you are enjoying the holidays and your family. Feeling blessed. Finally feeling the spirit of the holidays. I have a special reason to be joyful this year. I am finally a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and may God Bless You.

So happened to find this reply to a very heavy question and was curious to know how you are doing. I’m still wait and watch.

Hi Myrna How are you?

I am a year and a half ut and doing great, gad to have it done. I put a 3 part YouTube about it. I am a long winded guy I guess and they had a length limit for my account.

Sending prayers

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I thought I did - but had neuro psych testing and found out it was depression and anxiety. I think that is typical with brain surgeries

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Hi Lyd,

Thank you for your email. I am doing well-still working and being tested for Covid every other week. I really feel wearing a mask has helped me stay well. It finally feels like winter here in AZ. On Sunday I went for a walk, it was a beautiful day to be outdoors. My family is also doing well. How are you doing? I hope things are going well for you and your family. Take care, wear your mask.



I appreciate your candor and the videos. I am still feeling ok in spite of having to get used to headaches that came on in my 40s. Unfortunately my anuerysm is behind the left ophthalmic artery. Not a good place for surgery. Fortunately I feel ok just sad that I stopped being my active self. Used to run, lift, and walk for miles now I walk and not far. My memory is not what it was but I’m slowly trying to get my physical strength back. Fear and anxiety got hold of me the first 3 years. Now feeling better. Thanks again keep us posted on progress.

Hi there. I’m so glad you are feeling good. The weather here has been great so I’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors. Virginia is awesome in fall. I’m still watch and wait and although I have been experiencing memory problems I’m otherwise trying to get more physically active. Not working anymore at least for now. Too risky for me. School is virtual for now but I suspect they will want everyone back by January. I’ll wait it out. Kids are good. One more kid to graduate and I’m done with school lol. Granddaughter is great although too far. Life is good. Changing the subject. Tell me about the surgery. Anything change. Are you feeling better less worried. Hope you are feeling peace. God bless.

Hi Lyd,

Happy to get your email. The surgery, you know September 1, 2011 seems like a long time ago. Sometimes I forget I even had the surgery. I was able to find my original post on the Brain Aneurysm Support Site. I am glad it was easy to find, just did a lot of scrolling down thru the years. Your welcome to read my other posts.


Sep '11

As a teen and young adult, I had a history of severe migraine headaches. Approximately 2.5 months ago the headaches became worse and would occur at different times during the day. I would be sitting, reading or relaxing then suddenly an intense, stabbing, jolt of pain occurred on the left side of my head- this caused me to cry out in pain. The pain would last a few seconds. I became extremely worried and went to see my family doctor. During mid-August I was scheduled for an MRI, then an MRA. I was told I had an aneurysm and was advised to see a neurologist. On 8-17-11, I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. On 9-1-11 I had a left craniotomy to clip my opthalmic aneurysm. My doctor states my surgery went well. I am currently in my 3rd week of recovery. I am doing well but the pain from my incision makes it difficult to sleep. I realized I need support as I learn and live through this most challenging journey of my life. **Thank you Colleen, I am learning how to navigate through the BAF site.

I recall telling my neurologist the left side of my neck was stiff and I felt pain in my left shoulder. The doc looked worried and scheduled my surgery right away I remember I did not have time to be scared. I was on FMLA for only 12 weeks then I had to go back to work. Gradually I felt less pain, but I was scared-to drive but I did not let my fear get the best of me. I was driving 14 day after my surgery. I also recall being extremely tired for a few months. At work I would put on the timer and sleep for my lunch break.

Changes, well I ended an unhealthy relationship with “Raul” I am happy about this. Sometimes I find writing difficult and I make sure I proof read my emails or papers before I send them.
I guess my writing skills are not that bad because seven years later I obtained my Masters in Counseling in two years and passed my counseling licensure exam the first time : while working full-time and completing an internship (So happy I stuck with my education goal). Each day I thank Creator for my life and giving me the strength to continue moving forward in my life. Well, it has been 9-years since my surgery, sometimes life is difficult, sometimes grand. I am here living life with my son and my grandchildren. I have a beautiful life- I have been considering returning to school to work on my Doctorate Degree. I love learning :slightly_smiling_face: Lyd you know your body’s aches and pains; you will make the right decision.

Bless you too,


Myrna, I really enjoyed reading your life’s journey. May you obtain all the goals you desire!