Unruptured - Currently waiting - but thinking i should get it clipped

Wizard - when is your surgery date again?

Currently scheduled for the 28th of February.

Praying all goes well with your surgery. It’s tough waiting and it’s tough having to make the decision of which treatment to have. I opted for coiling and stents due to my age…74 and general health. I am confident that you made the right decision in your situation.

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Hello Dave,
In 2011 a day after my 53rd birthday I had a craniotomy to clip an aneurysm from my left opthalmic artery. I was off work for 12 weeks. Some things I have accomplished since my surgery are resigning from a job I did not care for and returning to work with children and youth. I also got over my fear of not being able to learn new stuff. I returned to graduate school. I obtained a masters degree in 2-years. Now I work full-time and plan to work as long as I have good health/mind. I continue to learn new stuff each day.
As I reflect on the time before my surgery and after I was scared and cried a lot. I put my faith in my neurosurgeon and my fear to my higher power. Sometimes I forget I had the surgery. I am wishing you peace and good health today and after your surgery. Take care.


Hello All - I’m new to the site as I just learned about it and wanted to share some tips that helped me while I waited for my surgery. I learned about my aneurysm on 11/2/17 and ended up waiting until 12/21 for surgery. It was located in the right ophthalmic artery behind my eye. The only indication I had was double vision, thankfully. In order to keep my cool while I waited for this procedure I used guided meditation regularly to help me stay calm and to sleep. I opted for a healing white light meditation that I found on You Tube by the Honest Guys.

I’ve learned through another recovery program the importance of staying in the present and not borrowing trouble from the future. I worked to stay focused on what my job was during the wait …. get my rest, enjoy my life (my neuro-surgeon’s directive) and show up for the appointments that where scheduled.

I was lucky enough to find a surgeon who was able to perform the less invasive procedure to insert a pipe-line stent intravascularly because the aneurysm would have been difficult to access for clipping. I firmly believe also that my recovery has been helped greatly by the meditation, which I continue to use today. I had much less pain than they said I could expect.

I just wanted to share this as you wait because it’s important to have tools that you can use so that we don’t feel so helpless. I hate waiting…my imagination is too darn good.

Bless you all and prayers for good results and 100% recovery!!


It was just a “full range migrane” one that presents stroke symptoms, much like I had 7 years ago when they found my aneurysm (I still struggle with this spelling) Thank you

Great advise! I love this - “the importance of staying in the present and not borrowing trouble from the future.“


Of course get it clipped! Want to wait for a rupture? NO. get it clipped!

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Hi Myrna,
My name is Lydia. I have the same kind of anuerysm. How long did you go before you went for surgery. Mine hasn’t changed yet. Was a source of anxiety and stress for about 2 years but now I barely think of it. Don’t know If that’s good or bad. I’m just like you. Got my priorities straightened out teal quick. I laugh more , love and forgive with more ease and much more quickly. Life is short and I’m Giotto enjoy the journey withou being too worried about how I get there. I say seize and enjoy the day. Make lemonade with lemons and try to enjoy serving others. I also work with children but still haven’t been back to school. I’m 53 and would love to get my masters in Esol. Love my kids at school.
Anyway thanks for sharing you give me hope and reignited my small dream!:grin::blush:


Sorry about the typos. Don’t have my readers on. :nerd_face:

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Hi Lyd,

One month prior to my surgery I began having severe headaches. The headaches were random, I could be sitting at my desk or watching TV: then a shot of horrible stabbing pain would shoot through my head in the area of my aneurysm. I remember the pain was so
bad, I would cry. Then just as quickly the pain would stop, but I could feel the are trobbing. I was having random ice pick headaches. I had tests and saw my neurologist a week later. The neurologist told me my options, wait and see, coiling and a craniotomy.
I had a followup appointment a week later where I would tell the neurologist I had decided to have the craniotomy. I recall feeling scared and anxious. During the followup the doctor asked me questions and what symptoms I was having. My neck and left side
had begun to be painful too. The doctor looked at me and said, " I will schedule your surgery ASAP." A few days later I had my craniotomy. I recall being in shock because I went numb and could not speak. My friend helped me out at this time. Following my surgery
I learned my grandfather had a stroke and died from an aneurysm.

One of my favorite quotes says, " Yesterday is history , tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That is why it’s called a PRESENT." Today I live my life by not trying to dwell on the past (to much) I realize the experience was difficult but I got through
it day by day. My life is great I have two grandchildren who I love with all my heart, their dad my son is the greatest. life has it’s challenges and blessings - life is great.:blush:

The craniotomy surgery is unique life changing experience for each individual that goes through it. Lyd, your story is unique, use your support systems, you will make the right decision for you. I was happy to read we have a lot in common. Keep your dreams
burning strong. Take care


Hi Myrna
I am not sure when I got this email. Really hope it hasn’t been too long. I am currently in Puerto Rico trying to pack up my parents little summer home so I Can send them home to Florida. My dad came here two months ago able to walk and now he is barely able to move by himself so we have to send him home so that he can be seen by a nuerologist. A little sad watching him decline so quickly. He takes care of my mom so now we will have to flout how to care for them from afar.
Anyway just wanted to let you know I got your message and it was actually comforting to know that your suywent so well and that your recovery went so well. I have another MRI/ MRA scheduled soon. Hope all is well. Havent had too many problems occasionally headaches but not too bad.
Thanks for replying. Take care.
Kind regards,

Hi Dave,
The scariest part is the waiting for surgery as the imagination tends to run away with things…I had 2 clipped, one behind my right eye and one on top of the brainstem, they are watching 2 others on the left side. I would recommend clipping as it’s more secure. They usually wait until the aneurysms are 4mm to address them. I was in the hospital 4 days, and was on Keflex for a few weeks to prevent seizures (no driving) and after that I was just tired for a while…you need to rest. My neurosurgeon was excellent explaining things and in his care. I brought him flowers when I went in for post surgical check up…so greatful to him, he literally saved my life.

Be sure to have faith in your physician, that’s so important. Ask lots of questions and accept the help offered to you…I was a sole caregiver for my husband who had 2 strokes and was disabled and was able to resume caring for him about 3 weeks after the surgery. I was 62 when I had my surgery and am 4 years out from it, doing well. Wishing you the best of luck and a healthy life!

Elizabeth, did you have any issues with short term memory loss?

No, not at all. Aside from being tired and getting dehydrated after surgery I had no issues. Oh and facial swelling. But nothing at all with memory issues whatsoever!

Hi Lyd,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Happy to read your health is not too bad. I am well, write when you can. Take care

Hi Myrna
Been home for about two weeks but looks like I’ll be going back out to my parents. My dad is still unable to walk so looks like surgery is in his future. At least he is back in Florida closer to his kids. How have you been?I go in for my yearly MRI crossing my fingers hoping for no change. Anyway wanted to get back to you. Thanks for checking in. Take care. I’ll write back soon. :blush:

Hi Myrna
Checking in. How are you. Hope you are well. Take care.

Hi there. How are you. I’ve been through a lot lately ( dads still really sick). We found out he had suffered a heart attack which is what caused his inability to walk. He will have surgery in about two weeks to repair some damage to his back. The worst part is his frustration and the frustration my mother is having due to there loss of freedom. There’s is caused by age while ours is caused by disease. Still I try daily to find the silver lining to all this.
I really hope you are well. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Dave,

Have you had the craniotomy yet? My aneurysm was also a wide neck (hat shape), 7-8mm, left Carotid artery. It took me almost a year to find a great doctor. When he went in to find the aneurysm, he said it looked ‘cherry’ - I actually could see the blood flow every heartbeat of it. He used two clips over my ‘hat’ aneurysm. I know myself - so I won’t take pipeline (only choice for me other than clipping). I don’t want something that has less successful rate than clipping. Yes, it’s scary to have your brain opened up. So, your mission is to find the most trustworthy doctor to help you.

I wish you the best ever luck. I will pray for your choice.

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