Unruptured Aneurysm

Hello, a few weeks ago I found out (by accident) that I have a left carotid cavernous aneurysm, 6mm. Since then, I have had an angiogram? which determined that it is accessible. My neurosurgeon has advised me to have a stent assisted coiling due to the wide neck of the aneurysm. I try not to think about it but God keeps reminding me in different ways. Today, it finally hit me I have a brain aneurysm! And it's not going away just because I pretend it's not there!!! What the hell????!!!!! I am 60 years old, african-american, with chronic depression and a 25 year old daughter who lives with me. On August 17, I went to a BA support group here in Philly. It was cancelled at the last minute!! WTH??? The next meeting is September 21. I have no one to talk to about this. The doctor answered all of the questions I knew to ask and I have done the research and remain uneasy. Partly, because I don't know what to expect. Can anyone tell me what lies ahead once I have the coiling done? I want to know the good and the bad. Thank you in advance.

Welcome !You came to the right sight ! Plenty of support ! which hospital in Philly are you going to have your coiling??? I had an unruptured giant annie on the left ICA stented and coiled, at HUP in Philadelphia,Great surgerons and staff there ! I live in Delaware. first surgery only took about 4 hrs was in ICU over night and was home the day after ! was back to work in a week . Best of luck to you , hugggsss and Prayers Julie in delaware!!!

Hi Valerye and welcome!! I too am from the Philadelphia area, just outside the state of Delaware on the Pennsylvania side. I have ICA (internal carotid artery) annies, both at the ophthalmic artery. I had surgery for my 9mm right ICA annie in June of 2011 with the PED at Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Philly. My 2nd annie, which is a 2mm left ICA annie is on the watch and wait list. May I ask which hospital and/or surgeons you are seeing?

Fortunately for those of us whose annies are found by accident, we have a leg up on those who have no notice whatsoever and end up with a bleed -- at least we can watch and are aware of what is going on in our brains. My suggestion to you would be to read everything you can and then make a list of questions to ask your surgeon. You will find that most people refer to their annies by size and location and whether they were clipped or coiled or like me, have had the new PED procedure done. I had the PED done as my annie was a wide neck annie and the first attempt to coil it failed, you can read my story on the PED procedure which is posted both in the forum and blog sections here.

Everyone here is very helpful and understanding of all the thoughts and feelings going around in your head so please feel free to post your questions and I'm sure you will be flooded with responses from all the wonderful people. Most of us have all "been there, done that" with surgery and there are some of us that still have annies that are not "ripe" for surgery. Just ask, question, read, take it all in, make a list and arm yourself with all the information that you can.

I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming journey of learning about the new you.

Best wishes,


i know it’s scary but you took the step for a support group and thats good, no this wont go away but we can make it better by learning about it. This is a wonderful sight as you will come to see, and go to the next support group and tell us all about it. I would love to go to one but one here is 6 hrs away. Coiling is easier than clipping you recover faster but need to be monitored for a while after, like alot of test. As with any surgery there is all kind of risk.

Just saw your response. Looking in the wrong places for responses I guess. Thank you so much for your response. Jefferson does not accept my insurance. My neurosurgeon is Peter LeRoux at Pennsylvania Hospital. The doctor doing the stent assisted coiling is Robert Hurst at UOfP. He is an interventional radiologist and did my angiogram. I am having second and third thoughts about the procedure because as of now, I have yet to read about someone having a procedure without complications!!! Second opinion appointment is October 11 @ Einstein. Will research PED. Please keep in touch. Thank you!