Unruptured aneurysm, taking Excedrin

I had a migraine brewing this morning so I took one of two of my usual medicines, Excedrin. I only took one. I have Zomig and Excedrin. I don’t take both, it’s either/or. I’m reading that Excedrin wasn’t great to take because of the aspirin, but I’ve been taking it for years without a problem. Does anyone take this for their Migraines?

Great question. I am taking Plavix and 325 aspirin daily, so overdoing aspirin could have a not so great outcome.

My neurosurgeon’s office recommended Excedrin Migraine when I had severe daily migraines in the weeks before my coiling/stent. I use a cold pack on my head first to see if I can knock the headache down, followed by a cup of caffeinated coffee. If this combo doesn’t work I take the Excedrin and/or 2mg of diazepam. I am more concerned about the long term use of acetametaphin in Excedrin than the aspirin.

Thanks for your reply. I have cut out caffeinated coffee for health reasons. I am concerned with the caffeine in the Excedrin. It’s a catch 22, isn’t it? Aspirin may help, but it can also cause complications of my annie ruptures. I understand about the acetaminophen. I live in the UK with my British hubby so they use paracetamol here, it’s the UK equivalent to acetaminophen.

I took a LOT of Excedrin before we found out about my AVM & aneurysms. I haven't taken an Excedrin since then. I take either Tylenol or Advil.

How does Zomig work for you? I only took it a few times because it caused nausea & made me feel miserable. (Nausea isn't one of my usual migraine symptoms). Now, I take Maxalt.

When I have a migraine I take imitrix, and pain medication prescribed by my doctor. Ice packs are great. I have found migraines and brain aneurysms are very stressful. Hang in there.


Littlebits33, there is some research favoring small doses of aspirin to prevent ruptures. Look it up in NIH, or google aspirin and aneurysms. I was on aspirin for tachycardia for years and then ruptured to a Fischer level three. I’m not on aspirin any more. I can take up to two Naproxen in a one week period for headaches but I have to take omeprazole before I take it. But I’m a little weird when it comes to treatments. What has your doctor said? You might ask your doctor about taking Magnesium Oxide. I was told that most Americans don’t have enough magnesium. The Neurologist I see swears by the stuff for any type of headache, it’s just a pain to find the right amount. And I don’t know about other countries and if there is the same issue.

My first route is the ice pack to the neck, then I make sure I am hydrated, then protein, I may do a protein shake to get both fluids and protein in. I also turn off any sounds I can control and darken the room the best I can. If that and a hot cup of tea doesn’t work, I hit the medication.

I know every doctor is different and if there is no medical proof than some of the direction from a doctor is just based on their experience and opinions. My neuro told me the worst thing in the world to take was Excedrin. I was not concerned because I do not take it so I did not ask her for a further explanation. My sister has had two ruptured annies and this last time the hospital staff (not sure who) told her the same thing. They said it probably played a role in the second rupture. I wish I had more "facts" to offer but I don't. I think you should ask your neuro whether you should continue to take them.


Thanks for all of your replies! There seems to be mixed reviews on this. I have taken aspirin for 3 years now at a low dose. I now take it every other day, and only take Excedrin if my Zomig doesn’t work. I heard you shouldn’t have caffeine either and Excedrin has that too. I usually try to only take one half of one. My neurosurgeon is an ass, so I won’t bother asking him. I will ask my neurologist.

Why no caffeine? I drink hot tea, coffee, no sodas just because I prefer water. I even had six to ten cups of hot tea for the extended stay in ICU. No one said not to…I’m older so we stop caffeine at 2:00 pm and switch to decaf. If I am having an off day, I find myself craving Lipton tea…

Taking aspirin is risk because it makes the blood platlets slippery and if you had a bleed it could be uncontrollable. It's a tough decision for you but there is another alternative called Alpha Stim.

Two clip electrodes attach to the ear lobe and send low frequency electrical waves between both clips. I got it for my wife as she is post SAH. I also use it for my occasional migraines/headaches and it does work. It fairly expensive to buy but when one considers risks, such as you have, the high cost might be worthwhile because a different risk (life/severe disability/death) is reduced.