My Mothers Aneurysm

It's was a year on Dec 21 2011 since my Mother had her brain Aneurysm.She's doing pretty good.She still has Headaches everyday.Can anyone tell me how much longer they will last and if anybody knows of any pain medicine that will make them go away.Right now she take Ibuprofen 800 mg 3 times a day.I'm so glad shes still with us.God Bless everyone who had a aneurysm and their families.

Hi Donna,

Thank you for being such a wonderful caregiver to your Mom!

I was very much like your Mom after my rupture, and Ibuprofen wasn't working for me. I finally found a Neurologist who could help. I had been to two Neurologists before that who failed. One wanted to put me on barbiturates, the other was just plain nuts. The Neurologist that helped explained that my brain was hypersensitive and had to be trained not to hurt. She put me on a low dose of Amitripyline, built up the dose until the pain stopped, and then slowly took me off the medication. It really did work, plus Amitripyline allowed me to sleep through the night and get the healing rest I needed. I carry Tylenol with me, and haven't had to take any for weeks and months at a time. Please take your Mom to a good neurologist and see what will work for her. Amitripyline may not work for your Mom, but try to avoid barbiturates.

Good luck!


Couple of things Donna...when I have really bad migraines I use I was told no ibuprofen because I am taking aspirin for my annies...and the ibuprofen cancels out the aspirin...please check with mother's Doctor...and I really can't tell you how long her headaches will is really about learning to manage them...

Bless your Heart...for all you are going through with mom...I know it can't be easy...Cyber~prayers your way...Colleen

Thanks so much for the info I really do appreciate it.My Moms 84 will be 85 the 4th of july.I keep telling her things will get better.I tell her what other people with Aneurysms tell me it seems to help some.Thanks again and good luck to you and God Bless

Thanks so much for the Info my Mom appreciates hearing what other Aneurysm surviors have to say.Thanks again and God Bless you

headaches can be life long and some things may trigger them you need to jot down a log when they occur and who what where why when, also ask the dr for headache meds sometimes the little aspirin dont work in these situations. go online and look up headache meds by prescription.