Trying to deside what to do

I have a 5mm anni. It has grown 1mm a year. Dr. wants to continue to watch it and check it again in 6 months. He said if I want it fixed he will do it but it is my decision. I have daily headaches, dizziness, ringing in my ears and pain behind my right eye where anni is. I don't reallly want to have the surgery but am afraid of the damage it will cause if it does rupture. I'm am praying for God's direction but haven't gotten my answer yet. Thanks for listening.

Jim, You are the only one who has told me to take care of it. I really would like to get on with my life. This is really stressing me out.

if i was in your shoes i would want to go ahead n git rid of it, playing the waiting game would drive me bonkers…you know these annys have a mind of their own…lol…then u could move on w/o having to constantly dwelling on it…i was 41 n pretty good health when my 5mm anny ruptured in oct 09…thanks to the Lord above i am feeling great n back to 100%…its just alot easier to address them b4 they rupture…love n prayers coming ur way sweety…now 43 and fit as a fiddle…michelle-n-texas

Michelle, Great news. I just turned 47 last week. Thanks for the advice and prayers. I want to do what my Lord wants me to do. If he would only tell me. Could you please pray for wisdom for me? I reallydo fine until I have to be tested. Then all the stress comes at me again. Would be nice to not have to think about it.

Deanna, If it was me I would have it taken care before it ruptures. Mine ruptured & I have had alot of problems. Still praying life will get easier, but taking one day @ a time. Your in my thoughts & prayers.


praying for the Lord to speak to you on what needs to be done, but remember thats what he gave us a brain for and its to make decisions based on what we feel is the right thing to do…he may be whispering to you but your common sense is yelling “dont let it rupture!” lol…seriously…prayers goin up for u sister


Thanks for the prayers. I am seriously thinking about having it taken care of. I have alot of other pressing things in my life that I feel I need to take care of first. My husband wants me to watch and wait. I know my God is not a God of confussion but I am


Thanks for the advice. I will keep you in my prayers as well.

Hi Deanna

I had two unruptured annes discovered back in March 2011, an 8mm was coiled in April 2011, I am very fortunate and very much recovered from the surgery, so am very pro surgery before a rupture. My 2nd anne a 4mm is mine to babysit on the watch n wait, not an option I would have chosen but totally trust my Surgeons decision not to coil as yet, although may feel very differently if it grows rapido and decides to start giving me Jip.....

You say yours has grown 1mm a year, does this mean it was found at 4mm and grown 1mm in the last year or was it found at 2mm / 3 mm a few years ago and monitored for a few years. Sorry to answer with a question but if it is continually growing 1mm yearly I would be even more inclined to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

Best Wishes


Best Wishes


Gaynor, Mine was found in 08 and it was a 2mm. Dr. said they don't usually fix until 7mm. I have some things I need to get in order and really considering surgery. One dr. said I was not a canidate for coiling due to large neck of anni (3mm) This new dr. said coiling was fine. Does the dr. deside what type of surgery to do? Thanks for the advice.


Hi Deanne

I would like to believe that a good doctor would recommend which surgery they thought was best for each individual case and not decide for you, but explain which surgery out weighs the other in effectiveness. I am pleased to read that you are a candidate for coiling, as I feel confident in this procedure . Would it help your decision to ask your new Dr that if it were left to watch much longer, and possibly grow, would the neck grow also along with the berry and perhaps take the option of coiling away. Hope this helps.

Best Wishes


Gaynor, Good question. I'll have to ask that. With coiling don't you have to have it checked once a year?

Thanks, Deanna

Hi Deanna
I had a 5mm ruptured anni on April 6, 2011 which was repaired with glue and a stent… It happened while visiting my mother in Florida… My surgeon used glue because the coils would not stay in… I had no warning, was in a state of confusion and placed in a coma for two weeks to heal… I have no memory for about 3 weeks after the rupture. …Luckily, I have no deficits, mental or physical and will be returning to work Aug 1… Keep praying and posting…I’m sure you’ll get an answer…In the meantime, we’re all here for you
Take care

Hi Deanna-

Like Gaynor, I had an aneurysm coiled - no ruture (and I'm totally fine from the surgery!), but also have 2 small ones that are being watched. The doctor tried to coil the bigger of those two small ones, but at only 2mm he couldn't manage it. I just had my first follow up angio (6mos post surgery) and the one they coiled is technically no longer an aneurysm and the surgery worked perfectly. I will have follow up MRA's every year.

I consulted w a 2nd doctor as well, and he said that he would coil that 2mm one the minute it showed changes...became "unstable," in his words. But - big differnce between me and you - I have multiple aneurysms, and have already had one (8x11mm) coiled, plus I have family history. With only one aneurysm that is smaller....that's a tough call. I guess I'd really consider how comfortable/secure I am with the doctor, and ask about risks of surgery vs risks of watch-and-wait.

Quality of life is so important, and if you're extremely stressed about this (understandably), then maybe you should just get it done with and move on.

Best wishes -

Deanna, did the doctor mention the outline of the annie? My unruptured aneurysm is 5mm and the surgeons at Johns Hopkins assessed that it is at risk and should be treated. They further assessed the best way to treat it is coiling. They told me a key risk factor is the outline of the annie. if the annie has a smooth outline, it is relatively of a lower risk; if the annie has another small bulge on it (think of it as a ballon on a ballon), then, it is of higher risk.

Have you thought about getting a 2nd opinion? I wouldn't risk waiting unless it is a well-informed decision. I am so much relieved when the doctors analyzed the risk factors, treatment options, and schedule with me. I had a great recovery and am grateful for the decision they helped me to come to.


Keep in mind you can't undo the damage of a ruptured aneruysm. Apparently, Doctor's opinions run the gamut of size before surgery. My Dad's was 4.2 and his Doctor said he would not do surgery until it reached 5mm. Your's is at the 5mm threshold that his Doctor would do surgery. I realize I don't have a vote, but if you were my Dad, I would urge him to do the surgery. Keep in mind that God works in mysterious ways, so the answer is not always so obivious.

Can't answer for everyone but my first check up for the coiling is 1 year, then 3 years then 5 years, others on this site are checked after 6 months, then yearly, did ask why mine is 12 months etc and was told thats the way my surgeon works. Guess like any other business they all have different return/repair policies. .... As I'm also on a wait n watch approach, im hoping he'll do a 2 for 1 special n check them both at the same time !!!! tee hee!!!! Hope you are feeling more positve about your decision


Bond, This new dr. did not go into detail about the anny. He can't do the coiling because he is not set up to do them. He said if I want surgery he would send me to Cleveland Clinic. I am calling the dr. tomorrow and telling him I want to look into surgery. Praying for the right dr. This is the thrid dr. I have seen about this.

Glad you are doing well. And thanks for taking the time to advise me.


Deanna...I can only be God's and Jim's and Michelle's helper!

Please do not wait...I cringe when I read / hear that we are supposed to wait...I did have to wait 29 days for the third emergency to get appropriate testing/diagnosis... I cringe with concern for all of you being monitored... because my initial (and buried) records note mine was 6 mm...and, yes, I attempted to secure testing/diagnosis immediately after the first emergency...

Overall you are blessed to have adequate+ med treatment to have been diagnosed and being monitored...many do not get diagnosed...and, go thru the major rupture process...sometimes multiple leaks/ruptures...

Blessings and prayers to you in talking with your doctor... and, any/all other (family/friends) involved....


Sorry to hear you still have two to watch. Not confortable with this dr. They have to send me to Cleveland Clinic and hoping to get the right dr. for me. I was their when anny was 2mm and they said to watch it. Yes, I am stressed about this. Thinking that I will probably go with the surgery. I do have some things to take care of first. We are in the process of looking for a new place to live and I homeschool my girls so I have to get all that taken care of . Thanks for thinking of me.