Trying to deside what to do


Glad to hear you are doing so well. I am still praying and not a clear answer yet. But I am calling the dr. tomorrow and telling him I want to look into having the surgery. I need more details about anny so I can make a better decision. But as of right now it looks like I will go ahead with the surgery.



Thanks, and yes I am feeling more poitive. Calling dr. tomorrow and telling him I want to look into surgery.



Thanks for the advice. And yes God does work in mysterious ways. With this situation I was hoping God would be clear to me what he wants. Everyone here is telling me to have it fixed. More than likely I will be having the surgery.

Thanks, Deanna are amazing...

You ruptured @5mm; I ruptured @ 6mm...we read/hear over and over that our peers are being monitored for a greater size...

You are one of the first I know to mention having glue... I would cherish hearing more about it...

Deanna, would you share, for those in recovery, all your positives...and, also the location of your aneurysm, i.e. basilar tip, PComA, or whatever it was...

Will you return to work full time or part-time? Did your neuros estimate your recovery time?

We're all thrown in a basket...for reactions/impacts, limitations... and, the arteries and which lobes and crainial nerves are affected, are not readily, easily defined/explained to us.

You are blessed, and a special thank you for your sharing here... there are only a few of you, with essentially perfect treatment/recovery, who share here...And, many of us need to know there is success...

that little bulge is called a daughter...I had one small one... the rest of my aneurysm was of the smooth saccular shape, standard neck size, etc...

Will you see the dr @ Cleveland Clinic to help you make your decision?

I had been given that same option... And want it taken care of ASAP, just the day to day stress of knowing at any minute it could go is too much...And I've only known about mine for 2 weeks.. Get it fixed so that you can move on to the next great chapter of your life.. I had been praying about this for myself.. God did speak to me and told me that "he has given me a gift"... We are blessed to know about it before it's too late... He's given you one too..

In my prayers..


Thanks so much for the prayers. I'm pretty sure I am going to have it fixed. Thanks again


Thanks for the advice. I will be getting this thing taken care of. Don't know how long the process will take to get surgery scheduled but that is the plan.

Thanks again


Hi Deanna, I think our aneurysms are in the same place ,but i have multiple. Mine are on the rt ICA in the paraclinoid area. This is behind the eye and very hard apparently to fix. I wonder if that is why there has been confusion. I am also older than you I think ,which also complicates things. Do you have visual problems? I have as well as one pupil bigger than the other. Neck problems also. Mine have not been checked in 2 years and I too worry about just leaving them . Would love to talk more. Kelly

Hello Kelly, One dr. did tell me mine was in hard to reach place. Behind right eye in cariod artery. I am 47. No vision problem really. I get dizzy and pain behind eye when lifting something heavy. I have 2 herneated disc in my neck due to car accident in 08. That is how they found my aneursym. Was having daily headaches. Was 2mm when they first found it. What size are yours? Deanna

two years ago they were 3mm and 2mm with possibly more in the same artery. I just turned 60. Need to look again soon but am a little shy or scared to go back… I will. I was !also in a bad accident 20 years ago with resultant neck problems bone spurs and stenosis always have wondered if there is a connection. The surgery really makes me pause. I do alternative stuff to help my neck(cranial sacral) and I do get relief. Curious if ours are in the same place. Kelly