Transition to home after procedure

Hi! I wanted to start a discussion on the transition to home after a surgery or procedure. Specifically what makes that transition easier for people. I had a bit of a hard time at first and wanted to share what I learned for others and I hope others will do the same :)

I have 4 things that I can think of right now that helped:

Bed wedges really did help me for aches and so did sleeping on the best mattress in the house

Creating a chart for medications and times taken and setting my phone alarm to remind myself to take them really helped

Having crackers, applesauce and pudding available helped while taking pain medications

Asking my spouse to lay my clothes out where I could reach them easily helped (he put them on the ironing board)

Please add things that helped you :)

the chart for medicine is a grand idea. I hate a notebook that listed the meds and times to take. Also, check them off as you take them because you don't want to forget you took them or not. I had that problem and checked off as I took the pill out of the bottle because some of my pills look the same, and if I put them back into the pile I would forget what one I just grabbed.

Check with insurance to see if they provide assistance during the day (for house cleaning) to help you stay on task.