Recovery issues/needs

So now I had my my bypass and occulusion the 15th. I have such a hard tird time getting through the day. I am so tired and 5 mimutes effeforts takes hours of work it feels likes. I still cant see out of my left eye. It is not just finally opening a little but what i see is double It is very tough. I am praying that it gets easier eaiser each day. I have now been home 3 days from the hospital at least I am home with my kids. But I tend to get cranky wiith them cuz I am so tired. Yesterday I went to bed at 5.30 pm and was in bed for the night any ideas on home to make myself feel better. On a good note is that the giant thing in my head had shut off or is gets no blood flood and it is not going to be able to kill. So I have lots to live for but how do I get the energry to do soo.

So sorry that your recovery is a rough one :( Being at home with your kids where you belong is great though. Your body needs tons of rest at this point and listening to it and resting when you are tired is the only way to heal and get more energy. When I first got out of the hospital (last August) my average bedtime was 6:00pm...I was so upset by that because I was missing time with my kids, but then realized that I had no say over how much sleep I need...go with it, eat healthy and get better - then you will be less cranky and be able to stay up later...I am now up to 9:00!

Take Care,


Thanks for your vote of confidence. It is hard to feel so bad and also be tired. I just keep praying. But I do feel useless cuz I am unable to do nothing much. Keep trying though

You must get the rest much as you possible takes time to heal...doing so now...will allow you to recover...gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thank you so much. I am trying to make sure that I get plenty of rest but I fell like I sleep way to much

My surgery was on May 6th. So I am about 4 weeks post-op. It has been getting a little better. In the beginning I could barely walk a few feet without feeling winded and tired. I am now able to walk upstairs without stopping for a rest. While I feel very guilty not playing with the kids like I used to, I KNOW that I need to rest and take it easy now so that I can recover properly. You are tired because you are recovering. Listen to your body and rest as needed. Your energy will come back with time. Do not rush it.

Hopefully your recovery will begin to smoothe itself out soon, and just a note, I had complete double vision (left eye, palsy) for a good four months after my 1st surgery--time and rest (So easy to say I know!) but its true ! Peace, Janet

Wishing you a better day today...~ Colleen

I had a clipping done on May 7th for an unruptured annie. I slept for about 20 hours a day the first week I was home. I am 40 years old and have two young kiddos. Now, I take short naps in the afternoon, go for slow walks every other day, can finally pick up my 18 month old and drive! It will be 4 weeks for me postop tomorrow. Somedays, I have more energy than others. Also, if i do more things or go places, the next day or so, I am wiped out. Even though I am allowed to drive, I have not yet since I am nervous to do so since, I am still tired. I also only need Motrin as needed for headaches. My surgeon OK’d motrin since Tylenol wasn’t working for me.

20 Hours. I am glad to hear that someone else sleps like that. I really was thinking something something is wrong. Days are long and my head hurts adn everything I do is is in slow motion. I am trying thoguh. And now I have all these bruises from being on the blood thinner and my face is still swollen I want that to go down. I hope that you are felling better, and drive that alone sounds like a prize. I can not see good enough though, I think that will scare me alot... Well wishes to you