Total loss of vision in both eyes

Hi my Dad survived a Subarachnoid hemorage about 2 months ago. His recovery is comming along great except for being a little wobbly on his feet and having a poor short term memory. About 2 weeks ago he came out of his confused state and is now quite aware and doesnt have any moments of confusion. The worst part is he has lost all sight in both his eyes. He says he can see where light is comming from but cant see any shapes or images at all. he explains it as closing your eye lids and still being able to see the flashes of light from a tv. He was unconcious for about 24 hours after the aneurysm and when he came around he was able to see (he was reaching out for us with his hand). It was only after the surgery to clip the aneurysm he lost his sight. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone know if he will get his sight back???