Blindness after surgery

My father had his right frontal lobe aneurysm clipped in January 2010, and after surgery woke up completely blind in his right eye and now legally blind in his left eye. He wore glasses before the surgery, but was no where near being considered legally blind. Has anyone else had this happen to them, or know why? His doctor said that there is fluid on his brain, and they are now talking about placing a shunt in to drain the fluid. Does anyone know if there is a possibility to regain vision after the fluid has drained?

I am blind in my left eye & will be my doctor said. I have learned to compensate. Its a SMALL price to pay to be alive. I compensate well & people don’t know it. PRAYER is my answer. I have a shunt AND a coil & had to relearn to walk. I DO use a cane my mother needs more than I do! LOL.

marianne_39506 @hm. either of U feel free to E. (I am only 58)

Hi Sarah! I, too, was blind in both eyes after my aneurysm rupture. Not sure that it was for the same reason as your father, though. My blindness was caused by a collection of the fluid that had escaped from the rupture settling on my optic nerves. I had two surgeries to correct my blindness - they removed the eyes and used a laser to burn off the blood clots. My condition was called Tersen’s Syndrome, and the doctors at St. Louis University Hopital - Dr. Stephen Feman - are pioneers in the surgery to correct it. My right eye has cataracts and the vision is still poor, but my left is close to perfect! You can find info about this doctor/hospital through the St. Louis University Eye Institute at

Hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!

His aneurysm didn’t rupture, he had it clipped. The doctor said everything went as planned during surgery, so we (as well as his doctor) are not sure what caused this. His doctor said he does have fluid on his brain, so it may be that it is just pressing on the optic nerve. Thank you so much for your response, every little bit helps!

Thank you for your response! I wish you the best of luck!