Too Busy!- Now surgery moved!

Tomorrow is my birthday, my dog is going to give birth to puppies any time now, (I hope she waits until tomorrow) Monday I get re-admitted to the hospital then Tuesday they re-open my head again. I truly believe that my life is just to busy...HAHAHA!

Good Morning All,

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes and

My birthday was nice but went by without getting puppies. She has started to nest a little so I expect anytime now.

I received a call from the surgeon's office yesterday telling me that they will have to move my check-in day from Monday to Wednesday, surgery is now on Thursday which will make it exactly 3 months to the day from the last surgery. As much as I would have liked to have gotten this over with ASAP I'm glad that it will give me a couple more days with my dog. Sooooo let's hope she delivers before Tuesday...:)

Once again thank you all it's sooo comforting to know that you can come here and make new friends which you have something different in common with!




Early Happy Birthday!!! Early congratulations on the birth of your grand dogs! Good luck on your upcoming surgery! You are in my thoughts & prayers for a successful surgery & speedy recovery! You are right, you are one busy lady!

Happy Early Birthday…to you and soon to be mom of pups…hahaha…busy can be good…Keeping you in my Thoughts and prayers…! Hugs Colleen

The thought/images of those (soon to be) puppies will surely bring you smiles as you recover. I mean really, what's cuter than a puppy? Well - multiple puppies, I suppose! Which is what you will have. Wish I could adopt one! I have an Old English Sheepdog and a Maltipoo (yeah - one of the "poo" dogs, as my vet says. Part Maltese, part Toy Poodle, and all 8 lbs of ALPHA MALE!!!!!!!!!!)

You know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am confident that this surgery will be the beginning of truly being able to put this as behind you as possible. Sending hugs from LA to Sweden!

prayers going up for you and a full recovery,God bless

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. As for the puppies I will keep you all up to date with that. Keep your fingers crossed she has them before I leave Monday morning..



happy birthday good luck with the kids and god bless you tuesdaylinda

"Happy, Happy Birthday" :). I don't call it my birthday any more....I call it my 40th ann'y, which I've had 9 of them now. LOL May you be blessed with a whole bunch of little puppies running around your feet soon (and nibbling at your toes).

You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Good luck!!!! You tell the doctors, they either fix it right or they don't get paid. (wink)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBERLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday today, Feb. 11th, to you! My goodness you certainly like a loaded "plate" of life!

Best to you on your re-admit & that everything goes successfully for you Tues/Weds & going forward!!! Best, Judi

Kimberley, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Kimberley, Happy birthday to you!!! Hope my singing didn’t hurt your ears, did mine! LOL! Here’s to wishing you a fabulous birthday & many many more!!! Any grand puppies yet??? Here’s to a successful surgery next week! Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!!!


I can hear the beautiful music all the way over here...hahaha


I tried to tell my granddaughter I was only 41..My daughter-in-law said don't lie to her...LOL


Go Aquarian's!...hehe

I always say everything happens for a reason...probably waiting for grand puppies to arrive! What kind of dog is she??? Well as for my singing, I think you better tell your dr. to check your ears as well, hahahaha, well you rest up, have another fabulous day & hope to hear from you soon with absolutely great news of the successful surgery!!!!

Well, well…enjoy the extra 24 hours with your dog! Hope her puppies arrive fine & you have a positive smooth outcome with your surgery! Judi


I hoipe you had a wonderful birthday ....and my prayers for your Monday / Tuesday success...

And, of course, hope the puppies arrive soon and you have great baby sitters... ...



Thinking about you and the pup...! Hugs and Prayers...! colleen

Happy Valentine's Day All!

My dog which is a siberian husky has not had her puppies yet! She began nesting two days ago so I expect it to be anytime now. I need it to be today since I leave for the hospital on Wednesday morning. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts for both myself and my dog... :0)



What’s the time difference between west coast US and Sweden? Want to be sending best thoughts at the best time! I think your dog is taking her time as a way of distracting you…but I’m sure you want to see those puppies already!!! When they come, you have to post their furry little photos!