Changed Date

Just an update here. My 5th surgery has been changed from Feb. 29th to March 8th.

Apparently one of the surgeon's could not make it the 29th.

Better not change again, this has gone on way too long already.

Hope all is well with everyone!!!!

Aw Kimberley, the waiting and postponement can really get to one. So sad to hear this. But at least it's just over a week,not too long. Chin up Babe, we would've been having surgery at almost the same time ha ha (Me 28 Feb)

Hugs and smooches



You are just looking for extended prayers from us aren't you?? hehehe

You are a pillar of strength dear and I wish we could bottle your strength and good nature and sell it, we'd be millionaires!!!

As always, you are in my daily prayers!!!