Surgery over and puppies born!

Hello my friends!

I had my 2nd surgery on Thursday which they think at this point went well. I am very swollen but the doctor said that I should not expect to see results for about 3-4 weeks.

I stayed up all night long with my dog the night before I left for the hospital only for her to give birth to the 1st puppy not an hour after I left home. I have 5 beautiful siberian husky puppies that I have not seen yet. The doctor says that I will probably get to go home or atleast to the hospital in our town on Mon. or Tues. My hope is to go home. :))

For those of you who want to know the time difference between Sweden and the rest of the know that the difference is 6 hours from Michigan to Sweden, 9 hour between California and Sweden, 1 hour difference between England and Sweden.

Sweden is ahead in all time differences. I know these times only because I have kids in Michigan and California. I have very close friends in England.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. It's just recovery now. Hmmm seems like I said that one not that long ago.

Hope this finds all doing well.



Yeah on all counts!!! So glad to hear all went well so far!!! Keepin you in my thoughts & prayers that all continues to go well! Congrats Grandma on the new grandpuppies!!! Will have to put up a pic when you can! Well again so glad to hear all went well, keep up the good work!!! Take care, keep well!

Hi Kimberley. Its lovely to hear from you and have you sounding so cheerful and positive. I have been thinking about you a lot and keeping my fingers crossed that all went well with the second op. Get plenty of rest, keep us posted on how you progress and let us see a piccie of your lovely new puppies when you get home.

Love and best wishes Caro xx


Your message is grand this morning...your surgery had to have gone well, really well, so quickly...for your email so soon; I am soo delighted for you.

And, thanks for the time change data...I am the dummy who asked...I can remember the across the U.S....and forget HI and memory!

Keep us informed...please do not rush home...heal well...



YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I've been thinking of you and am very impressed that you got online already! Thanks for the quick update. It sounds like things went very well - both with the surgery and the birth of the puppies. I'm so happy for you - recovery may be a journey - but you're on the right side of the surgery now.

Continued best wishes.

I am soooooo happy your surgery is OVER!!! I knew you could make it through, even though I hate that you had to go through it again!! Just rest and enjoy your puppies!!! Big hug!!!


Rest and Be Well...!

We were all here sending good healing thoughts your way...! Hugs Colleen

Glad that everything seems to be going well-take care and get plenty of rest.

Surgery over and a new mom at the same time. I hope you get to rest and enjoy the puppies at the same time.

Kimberley, so glad to hear your surgery went well. Congrats on the pups. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Hello All,

It's 3:40am on Monday morning I'm laying here in the hospital and I can't sleep. I have done so well with my swelling going down the last two days that for the first time in a few months I actually feel like I am on the way back to my old self, or sort of. I don't think after having a crainotomy anyone is their old self again, something changes you. I received an explaination on what they did today and was very shocked to hear that they use bee wax to seal a hole in the skull. The doctor told me that what had happened was the wax that was used to seal a hole in my skull didn't hold, it collapsed. So the liquid was leaking out of the hole and that is why I kept swelling up. To repair this they have now glued mussels over the hole to seal it. I have to say I am glad to get an explaination but at the same time maybe not. lol

My swelling is apparently doing exactly how it should have done 3 months ago after the 1st crainotomy. I feel so luck because I have two less staples in my head. lol

My kids think I am nuts because I said it's two less times I have to say OUCH!

Doctor that did rounds today said that I am doing so good that I might even be able to go home tomorrow, oh wait that would be today :)

I can't wait to meet my new puppies!

Have a wonderful Monday All!


Can't believe that I spelled muscles wrong, well not wrong just the wrong kind..LOL


Good for you!!! Glad you are doing so well!!! Good luck on going home.

Glad you clairified ---- after hearing that they used beeswax, I was thinking "MUSSLES????" And literally imagining the shellfish! Who knows with medicine though! THAT would be humorous. But maybe smelly :)

SOOOOO glad you're on here writing!!!!! You've been much in my thoughts.

Hurray you!

Hi Kimberley, So happy for you! Hopefully you have now been discharged & are at home enjoying your new puppies! Goodness, you have a lot on your plate right now! Best wishes, Judi

Hi Kimberley -

Just checking in - how are you (and those puppies!!!)?



Hope your recovery is going well. And I bet those pups are pretty active these days, Are you able to keep up with them?



Time flies...please let us know how you and those puppes are doing...

glad to hear ur surgery went well…and the puppies are here…hope yall are all doing great…sending prayers yalls way…much love n prayers from michelle-n-texas