Tomorrow is surgery day

I can't believe tomorrow is surgery day. Yesterday I got a massage and went out to a great dinner with my husband. This morning the kids brought me breakfast in bed for an early Mother's Day in case I am still in the hospital next Sunday. It will be difficult tucking the kids into bed tonight because I will not see them in the morning. I just hope I can get some sleep tonight.

I want to thank you all for the prayers, kind words of support and love. It has made this difficult journey a little more bearable.

Terri-- positive thoughts and prayer for a successful surgery (and healing) - you're fortunate, your family sounds fantastic- D

((((Cyber~Hugs)))))) Your way ~ and Prayers too....~ Colleen

yessss!!!! We are still with you-still praying! let us know when you are able please-thank you for your input!

I hope all goes well.



I am praying for you this afternoon and will keep you in prayer throughout the day today for peace as you spend time with your family and a good nights sleep tonight. I will also keep you and your family in prayer tomorow and throughout the week. I am praying for your surgeon to have a restful nights sleep as well. I pray that God guides his hands throughout the surgery and that you have a very successful surgery and that you heal beautifully and come home at just the right time. Please show your husband how to log on and give us an update after your surgery.

God bless you and your family Terri,


Terri, Many Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family as you go through your surgery and healing process. Just remember, we all here are praying for you and we all are the blessed ones of GOD'S guided hands that was given to us to allow us to survive and be strong....and GOD IS GOING TO DO THE SAME FOR YOU. GOD and the support here is Awesome. REMEMBER TOMORROW, GOD revealed your Aneurysm for a reason. MANY BLESSINGS......Robin

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! God will be with you and your family!!! Lucy

Excellent healing vibes being sent your way Terri, for a very humdrum, UNeventful surgery and a fast recovery! Look forward to hearing from you when you're home and on the mend,

Peace, Janet


Sending positive vibes and prayers out to you today...~ Colleen

Good luck!!

Best wishes for you and your family throughout this process