Well it's Saturday - just a couple of days to go now - still nervous but more at peace

Hello Foundation Friends:

If you are church goers, please add me to your prayer list for this week; the more people sending out positive energy and prayers the better. This forum has helped me calm down a lot and feel more positive and for that I am very thankful. I will post again the morning of the surgery (17th Sept) to let you all know I'm heading there and ask once more for lots of prayers that morning.

Thank you!

Hi Donna ... You got it...prayers and positive thoughts going out to you...by the 17th...you will be so ready "to get this show on the road" and start the healing journey...~ wishing you a beautiful weekend ~ Colleen

Good Morning Donna, Love and prayers to you. This site has helped me also in many ways. Much luck and love. will keep you in my prayers. donna w

You’re gonna do great! Sending positive vibes and prayers your way. :slight_smile: Karen


Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts to you and yours .


hi Donna - praying now- I googled "where 2 or more are gathered" and was pleased to find a huge list of relevant scripture! It was very comforting and encouraging , please look for Mathew 18 thru 20, this will give you strength and fortitude~~ my prayers are for your surgical teams textbook procedure and your speedy recovery, Remember to take it slow and be careful in the early days. Think positive and pray and you will be fine!

Prayer is powerful!! Praying for you now!