Today not feeling so good

Considering it's been 3 months, I have noticed the past couple of days feeling more lethargic and a pressure on top of head, side of Annie. Not sure if it's the shunt not working properly, or it's part of the healing.

I do know if I lay down, I will probaly sleep, but staying busy. Has anyone felt this 3 months after the placing of shunt? Life goes on....Sandra

Sorry I never had a shunt fitted but if you are concerned talk to you Dr

I know I had feelings of pressure in my head in those early days and I hadn’t got one so I would say it is probably normal

Hopefully someone will be along to answer you shortly.

Hi Sandra, I am two months post surgery coiling and stenting and this last week for me has been a bit of a trial with head pain, nauseau and pressure, Saturday I wasn't feeling too bad so went outside to pull some weeds for 1/2 an hour and have felt so bad ever since, did I over do it? Is the pain and nausea to do with the fact that I also feel that I have fluid in my ear? Is it an infection? I really don't know, all I would say to you is try not to over do it, if you feel you need to rest do so, listen to what your body is saying, we are extremely lucky to be here and I give thanks every day for that but sometimes feel there are still so many unanswered questions re: recovery, have a good day, luv Jill xxx

Hi Sandra...I think if this continues, you should call your Doctors office...

Keep us posted on how you are doing...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts...~ Colleen

Hi Sandra, I'm not feeling great either, 2 months after coiling, it probably takes more time ... All my best...