Surgery is done

Hello everyone surgery was on the 16th it went well now im home. Feel pretty good just sore. Did anyone's head feel cloudy a couple days after your surgery?thank you everyone for the support on here you all are awsome.. god bless

Hi happy surgery is done and you are rest and take care of YOU...Oh gosh I think I was foggy for about 1 month...~ it takes time...healing thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Hi Jeannie, Glad to hear everything went well. Yes I felt a little cloudy for a while after also. Just need to rest. God bless Deb

Thanks I just found out that dont get your blood pressure up even just a little cause it makes your head feel like real strange. Im going to lay down now talk to you all later.

Hi Jeannie!

Glad to hear you're home and it is over with !

Yeah, this is not the type of procedure you have and just 'snap right back', give yourself a some time and go slow , don't over-do things and let your brain heal. Peace to you as you recover !


when you feel up to it, if i may ask what surgery you went trough, Good luck , Rest as muh as you can xxx

Hello I had coiling and stenting I feel pretty good but taking it easy and napping on and off during the day. Have great day.

thank God Jeannie and yes I felt lousy for 3 days so I suspect you'll be better soon, drink plenty of fluids and try to eat nutritiously, rest well, thanks for the update! you are awesome!

Thanks everyone. Love y'all. Love jeannie