To all rupture survivors:

I just wanted to say - Congratulations to surviving and prayers to those still struggling. I only have to come on to this site momentarily to understand how lucky I was that my annie's were found prior to rupture. I admire all of you that went through and are still going through the struggle (although I think a lot of us will always go through the struggle the rest of our life).

Where I am (MA), it is an awesome, unbelievably beautiful spring day. If if is the same wherever you are, please go out and enjoy today, even it is just sitting under the sun.

Signing off for today to enjoy the rare warm weather. Love, peace and prayers to all,


Thanks Sherri! I live in NH and I'm about to go out for a walk and soak up some vitamin D in the sun. What a beautiful series of days we've had!

Life is good!


Sherri...Happy Spring in your beautiful state.

In W WA, we've had advanced snow levels since 2008; nt as extreme as the midwest has had, tho our flurris linger into spring. A friend called tonight that they have had 2" today; more tonight...10-20 mile range from me...may wake up to some or none.

Keep enjoying your beautiful spring.


Hi Elke; glad you have good sunglasses...I was only in Munich one week some 35 years ago.


Hi Sherri, so true, I am also so grateful that I could have been helped before a rupture, and my admiration for the survivors is huge. My prayers are with them. It is beautiful in South Africa, as usual, and maybe even love is in the air...!

Hugs to you Sherri



Elke, enjoy! I have to wear the darkest shades all the time as well, eyes very sensitive. I've got Germany on my bucket list though : )


Hi Elke,

we're quite near : I'm in Milan, just 500-600 kilometers away from Munich...

I'm a survivor too, my rupture was on February,2009 and I really like spring when arrives....

I did not meet many european people on the Basf site , may be you're the first ; In europe we do not have any site for survivor.

Take care of you, giovanni

Hi Sherri,

Very true. I read a lot of discussions here on ruptured annie survival. Mine was discovered incidentally as well and I am always amazed at how ruptured survivors are coping. A friend passed away a few days ago from one and survival statistics for a rupture are quite low. Survivors are truly blessed twice-over, I think. Puts a bit of perspective into things, doesn't it?

"Live, laugh, love life" from sunny Queensland, Australia :)

Pat, that sounds like the winter we had last year. Lots of snow - roofs were caving in - it was crazy. After a bad snowstorm the end of October, I think we had 2 more snowfalls after that. I had 8" two weeks ago and since then mostly 50-73 degree days. Broke record highs several days. Crazy....

Hope the weather turns warm soon.


I just read your page - congratulations on surviving. Our winters are usually long too, but not this year. I really enjoy hearing from people in other countries - this forum is about the only one I found that is really active anywhere. I am a breast cancer survivor and the forum I used then was just like this (only a lot more people) from all over the world.

What months do you have the warmer weather? Are you having problems with your eyes or is that just the snow glare?



I didn't realize you lived in MA. There seems to be quite a few of us here. Another beautiful week coming up - enjoy.

Julie - did you have the warm winter that we had? How about snow? Very little our way except for that killer storm in October.


I don't know about that - I don't think I would have given up my headache pills for anything after the surgery!

2 places I have always wanted to visit - Germany and South Africa. Maybe some day. Some very good friends of mine in Ethiopia working for 6 months. I can imagine what your weather is like - probably wonderful! Another great weather week here - more early yardwork, but I love it.

Hugs to you, too


Ah, Cris - another place I would love to visit - Australia - and pet some kangaroos and go snorkeling.

Glad to reach out to everyone from across the globe. I'd be happy to be a tour guide though I should warn you my sense of direction is so off you will probably have to guide me instead :)