Grade V Rupture

Has Anyone on this site survived a Grade V Rupture???

I have- I guess I am in denial, I am having a difficult time believing this! Especially since I am well on my way to recovery- although the rupture occurred about 1 year ago, (March) my year of being released from the hospital is coming up in July....As I said- I cannot believe it! Why me? (applicable to the situation- from the beginning..)...

Thanks, Jim...I think that is the "why me?" part of it......(making it, I mean)...I feel bad when I complain or have a pity party for myself, but I am so ready to "get on with it"....I feel like no one really understands...I think that is one reason I look at this site.

I try not to spend too much time looking stuff up- it scares me- Like most on this site, I was (seemingly) heathy, active person.

I also try not to live with "what if.." I feel like I am whining with this post...

Hi Dana

Sorry for ignorance but what is a grade V rupture?

Best Wishes


Are you aware of the term/phenomenon called "survivors guilt?" That sounds like what you are experiencing, and it's totally normal - it may comfort you to read about it if you haven't already. Your reaction is not strange!

I'm so glad that you are okay, and that you posted here. Survival stories are so important for us all!

Dana....Grade V of which diagnosis / measurement; i.e. , Hess and Hess, Fischer or Glasgow? It all gets confusing...

You were blessed with your exceptional quality care...

Prayers for your continued recovery...

Hi Dana...I think Denial is part of the journey...and in your case it is a no wonder...but eventually you will have to embrace the seriousness...and all the emotions that go along with it...but with these journey...."baby steps are the best"...

Amazing you are to all of us...keep resting and keep healing...and embrace the moments...Healing Thoughts your way...Colleen

Thanks for the Grade V Info, although in Danas case rather inclined to think it should stand for V for Victory!

Thanks for the Grade v Explanation Jim.... O wise one !!!

Hi Dana

Well done for not only surving the worst but continuing to recovering to your best,

If I'd have gone through so much and come so far I'd also be ask Why Me? (to survive) and answer myself - Cuz I bloody well deserved to!

Hats of to you!

Best Wishes


Gaynor- You bring a smile to my face-Thanks!

Jim, when you have time, can you explain the three, Hess & Hess, Fischer, and Glasgow?

I have read them, and have a difficult time attempting to comprehend...

I understand completely Dana. When you have a good miraculous outcome, you feel guilty about voicing anything negative. I mean gratitude is all we’re supposed to be feeling right? What kind of brat would we be to feel anything but rainbows and sunshine?
We’re HUMAN. Good outcome or not…There is fear, anger, self pity and lots of other emotions to throw in the mix. All of your feelings are valid. Yes, some have it better and some have it worse…But YOUR story is just that. Yours. It’s your life that has changed forever, even if you have the BEST possible outcome…Just because you had this experience. We grieve most major changes in our life and that’ normal.
Thankfully you are here to tell your story, but go easy on yourself. People have whined for a whole lot less. This is a place you should be able to come & be honest. This whole experience is no cake walk. It’s hard work, and it’s a process to recovery…Not an event.

i've never heard of this.....

i just looked it up and all it mentions are people who have survived horrible events such as concentration camps, plane crashes, etc.

do you have a link for this that would apply to us?

the only guilt i really feel is being a burden.