Numb Sensations after Coiling

Hi all, I haven't logged in for a while. I had my coiling done at the end of Sept. I have had three episodes of numbness/tingling in my left hand and my left arm felt lifeless. Has anyone else had this happen? I am going in for another angio on Friday to make sure nothing is going on with my coils but a part of me feels that it is me feeling paranoid. Just really don't want to get another angio. Thanks

Hi Jo, thanks for the response. I guess I am worried b/c this is the second angio in a month and the first one did not go so well for me. Also worried that it is me just overreacting. I am going to call the doctor today and see what he thinks. Thanks again, Maggie

Hi Maggie...I will so keep you in my prayers for Friday's angio...I too had numbness in my right arm and right is still weakier (2 years after coiling) then my left side...but has improved greatly...I think it is good that your Doctors are checking to make sure all is ok...remember it is important to rest and not overdo when healing from brain surgery...~ Gotcha in my thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen, he should be calling me back shortly, hoping he will go with the pinched nerve theory.

I am checking on you Maggie...~ sending out some positive vibes your way ~ Colleen

Thanks for the positive vibes, it put a smile on my face. I will definitely be going in for the angio. Need to make sure I don't have any coils hanging out that might be causing tiny blood clots. (I am factor II Leiden so am prone to clot) I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

Hi Maggie

I had coiling and a stent placed at the end of June …I felt great after the procedure and couldn’t belelieve how good I felt I went back to work a week after the procedure …then last week I had a numb sensation in my right leg it lasted for about 20 mins then went after that I and a migraine and went home from work to lie down …then today I had the same numbness in my right arm it lasted for about 15 mins and went then came back about 2 hours after for about 15 mins …I stopped taking palvix about 2 weeks ago so when I got home from work today I rang the hospital to ask if it had anything to do with stopping the palvix …they told me to go in the morning for a cat scan to check me out so i go at 8.30 in the morning ill let you know the out come iv also had a headache for most of today

Thanks jimmy

I felt great after the coiling too. I then started having tiny headaches that shoot from above my right eye to the back of the head probably a week and a half after the coiling. I didn't think too much about it b/c the headaches are nothing like what I have been used to. The numbness is the freaky part.

I hope all goes well and they figure it out Jimmy. Not fun to listen to all the "what ifs" that play out in your head.

Please let me know, I will be thinking of you today

Thanks Maggie

Ill let you know how it goes

Thanks jimmy

I had constant numbness and tingling in both arms and legs after my coiling that lasted almost two months, my neurosurgeon did an MRI just to make sure everything was fine. They told me it was because the blood in my brain from my ruptured aneurysm was being reabsorbed down my spine, so new sensations or pains would be normal until all the blood was reabsorbed. Im sure everything is fine, sounds like they are taking good care of you =)

They are, I really like where I go. I will give an update sometime next week, have a good weekend!

Hi Maggie

I went this morning and had a MRI they also put dye in after they said it was small partials of blood coming off the stent and blocking mini arteries causing like mini strokes said it was good that I went in before it got worst they put me back on the palvix and made me take 8 there and then to get my blood thin again and I’ve to go in on Wednesday for a angiogram so they can check the stent and coils let me know how you go with yours

Thanks jimmy

Gotcha in my Thoughts and Prayers today Maggie for you angio... ~ Colleen

Dang, Jimmy. So glad you went in. I went in for my angio and they found 3 coils sticking out causing blood clots. They broke off and went into my blood stream cause TIs (mini strokes) They decided to put in a stent right then and there. I feel much better now. I am on lovenox, plavix, coumadin, steroids. I am going to go back to work Wed. I hope the plavix was the answer and your angio brings good news. I will be thinking of you. How long were you on plavix after your stent?

Thanks Colleen, I am hoping the drama is over. They found 3 coils sticking out so put a stent in. I have no headaches right now but man, my leg has had it! Three incisions in a month. Small price to pay for another 20 years of life! How are you doing?

Oh Maggie....I am so glad they did an angiogram...and this was fixed...please rest and heal...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi Maggie, I had a coiling done in June (my second one) this one resulted in many complications, one of which ic weak left side... numbness... ocassional tingling and some pain, especially my hand and foot... i am doing occupational therapy twice a week... my hand is better but now my foot is gotten worse... i am seeing my neuro next week so I'll talk to him about it...

Talk to your dr...

I am so sorry about that. We found out that I am the , 1% where the coils came out. They had to put in a stent and the docs seem happy of the result. It has been a week and I am feeling ok. I hope your docs can help you. When those kind of things are happening it is pretty scary.

Hi Colleen, I hope you are doing better this weekend. Was thinking about you

You are a sweetheart Maggie...but yes...I am so on the mend from my concussion...infact, we are getting beautiful weather here in Indianapolis this weekend (Indian summer)...and hubby and I have been out and about...Thank you so much for your kind thoughts...~

~ And afraid to say it too...but no headaches for about 6 days ~ Whoop ... Whoop...~

Have a nice Sunday evening Maggie...and I can only imagine how sore that leg/groin of your's is doing...