Time to share

I found this site a couple of months ago and have found great comfort in the stories. After seeing the neurosurgeon on Friday, I decided it was time to share. I am a wife and mother of a three year old and a one year old. Just before Christmas, I was diagnosed with a 4 mm aneurysm.

I shouldn't be surprised really. Aneurysm is a word I have been hearing since I was 12. My mother has had two aneurysms clipped, one in 1990 and the other in 1995. On my father's side, I had one aunt pass away from a rupture and two who are currently living with multiple aneurysms. Still, it doesn't take away the shock. I have never smoked, run half marathons and eat pretty well. Feel like I am pretty healthy overall.

I saw the surgeon on Friday and he wants to fix it. Based on the location, my family history, my age, clipping is the most approriate route. I am terrified to say the least. I worry for my family and especially about not being able to be the mom I want to be. Although logically, I know that this is the best course of action before a rupture happens.

I am lucky...I have a wonderful husband, great in-laws and a family who knows exactly what I am going through. My mom is a strong women and a great inspiration as she has only a few minor effects from the surgery and certainly nothing that limits her in any way now. The support is all around me. But still...I am a worrier and the whole thing scares the heck out of me.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Just been having an off day and felt like sharing on here might help. :-)

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Kim, Welcome to BAF!

First, know that Everyone here knows exactly how you are feeling! Like you, I too have a family history of annies. My father's mother an d her brother both ruptured and neither one survived. (Of course they were more than 30 and 40 years ago when little or nothing was known about annies). My older sister has 2 (one has been clipped the other a watch and wait. I also have 2, one was stented with the PED,the other a watch and wait.

Also like you, I have the most wonderful family and friend support anyone can ask for. But I am known for saying here at BAF that no one gets me like my BAF family!

I have found that being able to share my story and listening to other stories is very therapeutic for me. I hope that I bring some peace and touch those that have helped me in my journey. I like paying it forward!

Having young children I am sure makes this journey of yours a little difficult, but know that there are a few here who have been down that road. (Not me, I am 50!)

Just know that everyone here will be praying and thinking of you and sharing in your surgery just as a part of your own family. The "angels" that I have met since I joined BAF are the most wonderful support group I could ever ask for. I wish I had found them before my surgery, but am so happy I found them after!

Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers in your upcoming journey! Please keep us posted as you progress through your surgery and then your after annie life!

Best wishes,


Hi Kim,

Welcome to BAF.

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

It's wonderful to know that you have a good support system to help to see you through your surgery and recovery. Like your mom, I am a long term survivor of a clipped aneurysm - almost 43 years, now.

May God bless you with competent surgeons, a successful procedure and quick and complete healing.


Thanks for your reply. I look forward to being on the other side of surgery and having this fear be replaced by the feelings you mentioned. It will be a long road but I know I will get there!

Thanks for your kind words Linda. I have a long journey and thankful for this site! Obviously my mom knows exactly what I am going through but I am trying to be so strong for my family and don’t want them to worry more than they are already. It is nice to have a place to just speak openly and I know this will help me through. For that I am thankful!

Thanks so much Carole. It is stories like you and my mom that let me know I can get through this!

It is a roller coaster of emotions Kim...it is natural to be scared...You have my prayers...~ Cyber~hugs Colleen