Time is growing near

I have my surgery on the 23rd of this month just two days before my mom's one year death annv (that's crazy) i know she is going to be the angle that God assign to look over my. Pray for me and i will do the same for all of u guys.

I too had a wide neck aneurysm that was clipped at Emory 11 yrs. ago. Like Jim said, the operation is the easy part for you. Recovery, not so easy, but there are so many of us who had clipping that are living pretty normal lives. I will be praying for wisdom for your Doctors and patience for you and your family. Hang in there. Just a bump in the road in the journey of life. Robyn

Oh My Yes...your mom will be your guardian angel ... holding your hand sweetie...You have my prayers for the upcoming surgery...~ Thoughts and prayers out to you ~ Colleen

Hey Antoinette,

Yeah theres nothing like having to 'turn yourself in' for a surgery like this, but as Robyn said, theres a good number of us who've had terrific outcomes with their clippings (I've had two, in 1998 and 2010) , and I trust that you too will have a ho - hum surgery combined with a speedy recovery. Sending nothing but positive healing vibes your way !

Peace, Janet