Clipping Procedure

Hi All,

I am posting on behalf of my Momma, salvationannie! Today was her surgery to clip 3 aneurysms on the left side of her head. I am hoping that giving a family members perspective will help to ease some of the anxiousness that those of you facing this procedure are having.

My mother was taken down to the operating room around 8 am, for a 8:30 surgery time. Because my mother has 3 aneurysms to clip we expected the surgery to be long. At 1:45pm we received a call from the doctor saying "I was able to clip all of the aneurysms. She did great!" He proceeded to tell us that they are finishing up in the operating room and then she would be recovering for the next hour. She would then be transported from recovery into ICU and prepped by the nurses for another hour. After the 2 hours had passed we would be able to visit her.

After waiting 3 hours we were invited to the ICU to see her. We all walked into the ICU with a slight anxiousness as to why she had been recovering for so long. As soon as we saw her bright, smiling, alert face, we realized that it was another blessing in disguise. The moment we crossed the threshold my Momma exclaims, "HI GUYS!!" while waving and grinning so big! Now that's the strong women of God that I knew could get through this! She continued to carry conversations with us, even grabbing the cellphone to talk to her son. Honestly I expected her to be sedated the entire day of the surgery, and maybe slightly alert the next day. She was totally responsive, and as normal as one can be after brain surgery.

There was only one thing that she was complaining about from this whole procedure. After receiving the amount morphine and amnestic that she did, it caused her blood pressure to drop. The nurses did not want to place her in any danger so they had to briefly stop giving her morphine. As a result of this, the pain on the left side of her temple, where they removed the muscle during surgery, was able to persistently come forth. This pain is normally completely covered under pain medication, and the nurses seemed so heartbroken that they couldn't take away her pain. They made a plan to begin hydrating her through IV and ice-chips and to re-start the morphine when her blood pressure raised.

Overall, I was so amazed by the healthy, alert state that my mother was in after undergoing brain surgery. This is a true miracle, from the diagnosis, to the recovery! I want to thank everyone, with all of my heart who have been praying, supporting and uplifting my Momma through this time. It warms my hearts deeply and I am praying for constant healing and prosperity in all of your lives!

Glory to God!

Fantastic!! And Amen...All Glory to God!

Glory to God indeed! So happy to hear this. Your Mom has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you for keeping us updated. :slight_smile:

Fabulous news! Thank you so much for sharing!

With tears in my eyes...this is wonderful news...I am so happy for all of remember even with here doing good ... she still has a long healing journey...and lots of rest and love are required...God Bless all of you ~ Colleen

Thank you for sharing. I am speechless, you so beautifully explained how your momma is doing. And you summed it up awesomely. Glory to God!!! Exactly how I feel about my surgery. Your mom is in my prayers as she is recovering. Do not let her overdo it, she needs a lot of rest.
God Bless,
~ Carol


Awe, Kiddo, thanx so much for giving such a detailed post about your mom--SO great to hear she's doing well and so wonderful of you to let us all know-(-perhaps Morphine is just one of those drugs that your mom shouldn't take anyway, my moms blood pressure would hit rock bottom after all surgercal events whenever morphine was involved, they switched her pain meds to something else after the 1st coupla ' scares')

Thanks again for posting, and don't let your mom overdo things once she gets home ! Peace, Janet

thank you so much , we can now thank God for this success, Please tell her we are still here holding her in thoughts and prayers!~~~~

Great news! May she continue to have a successful recovery.


Thank you all for your continued prayers, thoughts and advice on how I can help my Momma through recovery! The journey ahead may be long, but there is ease knowing that we are not walking alone!

Thanks for posting and I'm so glad she is doing well!