Mom's clipping on Tuesday

My mom is going to have 2 aneurysms clipped on Tuesday Feb 19. She can't see very well from the first one that ruptured almost a month ago so I'm asking on her behalf. Her screen name is carlierae23.

What can she expect? They are on the right side and i know they have to cut through a muscle that will hurt her jaw for a while. If anyone can give me any pointers, insight anything at all, I'd be so grateful.

She's having a rough time just waiting for Tuesday to get here. She's not sleeping more than a few hours a day. I couldn't imagine the anxiety shes having, as the watching and waiting game would be awful. Did any of you do anything that helped ease the anxiety before your procedure.

My Dr. prescribed Buspirone for my anxiety. I'm so nervous I postponed 2 surgeries already. I'm praying for your Mom.

Thanks Joanna. I can't imagine how hard it would be. You are in my prayers.

She's also afraid of what she'll be like after the surgery. I think because shes feeling so many effects from the first aneurysm that ruptured she thinks she will feel the same way. I was under the impression its a lot different when they go in and repair an unruptured aneurysm.

Your mom has got to have faith everything will go well. Of course her body will have to have time to heal itself. My neighbor had a ruptured annie at age 55. She was put on life support and flown to a hospital that was equipped to handle a ruptured aneurysm. She had to have 3 clips on the annie, which was behind her left eye. This happened 15 years ago, when they didn't know as much about annies as they do today. She healed completely after the surgery, no headaches, no physical impairment at all. The only way you would know she had the surgery is from some scaring on her hair line and she has to part her hair to show you that.

I understand the surgery is not as complicated for an unruptured annie. I just don't like hospitals at all. I know you have got to find a good Dr. and trust in the Lord that everything will go well.

Joanna, I’m sorry. That would be a difficult decision and I’m sorry you’re faced with it. I think either way its a tough choice. My mom is the type to just do it and get it over with. I can see the pros and cons to getting surgery as well as not getting it. I’m sending you hugs and please know I’m thinking of you and praying for you.

If I may ask, How old is your mom?

I heard after 50 years old craniotomy is not recommended. I am assuming she was not a candidate for coiling?

Just want to make sure as some surgeons who are not qualified to do endovascular surgery, don't even mention it.

I have 3 aneurysms(unruptured), craniotomy was a choice, but I myself would not go for it when there is another choice . I will treat the biggest one first in the right artery and watch the other ones that are in the left artery.

My prayers to her.

Thanks Liz. She’s 63. Other than mild COPD, she’s healthy. Her first one was coiled but these 2 aren’t candidates for coiling. Her surgeon is the chief of neurology at 2 smaller hospitals. But he didnt mention that after 50 it isnt recommeneded. Hmmm, now I’m questioning that…

Do you mind if I ask how they are treating yours? I’m so clueless. I still have trouble SPELLING aneurysm.

My mum is also having this surgery she is 63 so they must be still doing it.Her doctor said she could have it coiled but he didn’t think it would be as successful .They have been very possitive stay strong .Thoughts to your mum . Good luk

My biggest one 6mm will be treated with coiling and stent.

The 2 smallest ones(3mm) I got 3 opinions. Two said just watch it and the the 3rd one said

to place the PED(new type of stent ) that has only been in the market for 18 months and I certainly

don't fell comfortable putting something in my head that is so new in the market with no long -term studies done yet.

Belive me , it seems like I am in for a lot of uncertainty for many years to come. How big was your mom's annie when it ruptured?

Yes, don"t get me wrong. Surgeons do surgeries of cranitomy for this when it is absolutely necessary.

All the 3 surgeons that I saw told me that if I were 60 years or older with unruptured aneurysms, they would not even recommend treating it . The odds of rupturing depends on location and size of annie.

for 3mm or less is .5% per year, for 5mm-7 is 1-3% per year, so if you do the math the probability of rupturing in 10 years for a 60 year old is maybe 20% by the time the person reaches 70.

It is a difficult decision that one must weigh rationally. We all approach this in a different way.

Take care.

No I appreciate the info. This is a whole new thing and I want to learn all I can. Good and bad.

Hers was 18 mm. So pretty big! I’m not sure the size of the other 2. Medium range I believe.

Thanks Natasha! I hope your moms surgery goes well. Does she have it scheduled?

Hi Mimi,

Oh wow, that is a huge one!!

Here is a link that gives you a very good picture of rate of aneurysms rupture.

I am wondering if your mom's aneurysm is in an area that Doctors do not want to venture into treating it with the standard coiling and stent. I corresponded with one person in this site(Joe) who found a Doctor that agreed to do the stent while other would not do it as it was in a dangerous location(Skull base). She is doing fine and hopefully she gets to see this message to comment on it. I myself actually saw 4 Surgeons so I could make a final decision in terms of type of procedure as well as the Dcotor, facility, etc. I am risking taking my time to do it. I was diagnosed 4 months ago , but I just did not want to make

a decision this important in a rush. Aneurysms are there for years, so it is not something like cancer that will spread within days. It is unfortunate that the PED stent was not for her

or other treatment , but the fact that it is impairing her vision, I can understand there is no choice. I will be praying for her and give her all the love and attention you can. If you have kids, have people help you with them so you can dedicate yourself fully to your mom.

Its not too deep on her right side. I know with the first one, it was a great candidate for coiling. It was deep in the middle of her brain.
I think that’s great that you went and got many different opinions. And since they do take years if not decades to form, I can understand waiting. Especially since the risk of rupture is low. Lower than the risk of complications from surgery. I think her anxious personality is factoring in to her decision in getting this done immediately.
She’s lucky that she has 5 of us that can take turns being with her. She’s still not comfortable being alone although she has been.

Thanks for the link Liz! I really can’t thank you enough for giving me any info.