Tightening sensations in the head

Hi All, Hope all is well with all of you. Logged in to post a question - I am 5 years post a rupture in the Carteroid artery near the optic Nerve behind my right eye. Recently, I have been having the tightening sensation in my forehead or frontal part of my head. I can't describe it any other way but a squeezing feeling like a hat is on too tight perhaps?

Anyone else experience this? Kind of concerns me.....

I haven’t had that specific symptom but I am 10 yrs out and have had strange unexplained head sensations for years . The best explanation I’ve gotten is once your brain is operated on its never the same

Hello iam survivor also goin on three months now I know exactly the pain ur having Nd it’s more for you. what can we do for relief it’s scary . Feel better ileana