Three month follow up and CT scan

I had my three month follow up today and CT scan and I could not be happier. Per my Dr scan was perfectly normal except for the titanium and clips. But hey I will take those give the alternative. I was fully released with NO restrictions and I words were “I guess you are done with me, no further follow needed”. He said that only 1 in 30000 people will develop another Annie so unless I have any issues headaches symptoms to go live my life and put this behind me. It will always be with me but it was definitely the best news I had since my diagnosis. I wanted to share so others know it does get better.

Great news.

That's terrific, Troy! Thanks for sharing the good news.

Great news, Troy. Congratulations!



I know the feeling ....:) I see my Doc in a year and a half he told me to pay it forward :)

thats wonderful news Troy. congrulations

Fantastic! And I’m sure a great relief. This is really good news and I wish you the best with whatever you do in life.

Don't you just love the feeling getting the AOK from your surgeon :)

Congratulations Troy! Fantastic news! I’m not back in for a year, but feeling great these days!

WooHoo Troy!