Thank you

Hello all:

About three months ago I was diagnosed with two cerebral aneurysms and two months ago had a crainiotomy and had one of them clipped. The other is too small to risk a second surgery and will be monitored for now.

The reason I am writing is that although the diagnosis and surgery and the ensuing feelings of terror and helplessness were one of the absolute, if not the absolute, worst time of my life and I firmly believed I would never be the same if I allowed a surgeon to muck around in my brain, the reality is that I got through it and am now almost 100% back on my feet. The only significant, enduring side effect is a constant feeling of tiredness and I do sleep A LOT but I returned to work full time as a psychotherapist after only one month after the surgery and excepting a few minor issues with memory, have been able to slide right back into my job and life.

I also learned how loved I am. So many people prayed for me, called, sent flowers etc. All of this shocked me tremendously because I have viewed myself as a staunch loner and have not cultivated friendships or sought people out in many years. Despite this, dozens of people from my community and particularly my work place were there with me every step of the way.

This Thanksgiving I have SO very much to be grateful for, including the support I received here at this site. So if you are despairing or feel that you are alone, please reach out. You may be amazed at who reaches back.

Yours in love and gratitude,

Jennifer K.

Hi Jennifer-
Thank you so much for your post. I have a 3mm aneurysm that is being clipped tomorrow morning. I am feeling so thankful for my family & friends. I have so many praying for me and loving me up, even complete strangers. I do feel scared, but I am sure all will go well. Hearing positive stories is so encouraging. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jennifer… I am having surgery on dec 16th and dr batjer and dr bendok will be doing it!!! I desperately need someone to talk to and considering you just went through this and with the same doc I would live to talk to you!!! I am scared but I want it over with… This has ruled my life for almost 6 months now!!! Please contact me… I truly need someone to put me at ease!! Thank you and I am so glad you are doing well!!

Hi Becky… I too am having surgery soon and my aneurysm is 3 mm too!! Where is yours at??? I am praying for you and trust me I know how terrified you are because I am in the same boat!! Big hug to you!!!