They postpone my surgey today due to th microscope being broke?

I was all ready for this , now wait longer , because things were breaking down in the OR is scarey to say the least.

Oh, I"m sooooo sorry about this Frederick! To wait for the day to arrive, along with your uncertainties and anxiety and for this to happen to you. Now what? Will you have another surgery date soon or what did they tell you?
Keep your chin up!

I know it is hard not to be upset, even though you were ready if something else was not in tune the surgery may not go well. I know first hand when they scheduled my surgery, they scheudled the wrong surgery and it was post poned for a week. Looking back I was upset then, because my adult children had taken off for work and we were traveling there when they called us-but I had not been feeling up to par that day. Now I am glad it was done. I will praying for you.

As hard as this is, I would agree with Lisa. It seems that everything does happen for a reason and maybe this postponement is one that later on you will recognize as a blessing and may these thoughts bring some comfort to your current anxiety. For me the aneursym has now allowed me to recognize so much more to be happy for, and although it is scarry and I may eventually not be able to keep putting another surgery off, i still believe that there was a reason that everything happened to me in my life for the reasons they did.

i literally almost fell out of my chair when i read this…the fact that this happened and they did not have a spare hanging aroung THE HOSPITAL!! hello…that would worry the crap out of me…and the dr actually came out and told you that it broke immediately prior to your surgery,i know its a hassle but this is your life were talking about here…can you change to another hospital or different nuerosurgeon or is it a interventional radiologist…?? i will keep you in my prayers to have a successful surgery and speedy recovery…also to have a dr with steady hands and equipment that is strong not going to cause another delay in having your anny taken care of…much love and many prayers coming your way