The monthly news letter

excuse me ladies, lol but have we read the monthly newsletter????? Some of us may know why !!!! I did and found that a few of us made it in there !!!!

really who woulda thunk.?? the the housevives of the famous..who is it laurie?

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing!


you have to read the newsletter, lol. A few who thanked BEN. hint !

i just did..i get the newsletter via email..thanks...ive never seen that totally outta the loop, i never knew who ben

Just read the monthly newsletter!!! Thanks for pointing that out Laurie! I see my postings made it... I guess I'm a star! Going to enjoy my new 15 minutes of fame now!!!

Mine was in there too.. Guess I better watch what I say.. :)

mine to but i didnt want to be snooty, lol. I'M PROUD OF EVERYONE. THANK YOU BEN, AGAIN. !!

Hi laurie ... I didn't get the newsletter can u give me the link...Thanks a bunch Colleen

Where is the newsletter found? I wasn't aware there was one - wondered about ask the doctor thing - it never seemed as if anything was answered!! Silly me


HI everyone,

The newsletter is posted on the BAF website under announcments


It's also on the facebook page.

you can go to face book and type in the brain aneurysm foundation or go to the main page on here or to the right baf website .