The journey starts again

Hey Moltroub,

I have a man banging in my head most of the day anyway :confounded: :laughing: They’re just adding to the cacophony :laughing:
(I’ve got to joke about it 'cos if I sit and think I’ll be rippin my hair out and I don’t have much hair left :rofl: )

My surgeries haven’t all been craniotomies. This one will be my 4th craniotomy (if it happens) and my 7th neurosurgery. I’ve had a couple of further surgeries related to it all, but they’ve been shunt issues rather than neuro.

But I can assure you, I’m not going for any records. I had a high needs client who was in and out of hospital like a yo-yo. She had burr holes all over her scalp, she’d had 10 neurosurgeries by the time she was 25 :grimacing: And that was 10yrs ago. Not a record I’d want… …ever. My first, they took out a large portion 4x6 inch, the second and third were both smaller at about 4x3in each. I’ve got all of these plates and screws holding the lid shut :laughing: This one is endoscopic so, smaller again (I hope).



I understand completely how you are feeling. My second aneurysm (left over from the first clipping) I have been told is unoperable because of it’s location. But, they keep sending me to those awful angiograms, the ones that they put you to sleep and go through your artery into your brain. I am sorry that I do not remember the correct or full name of the “test”. I hate them. I had not had one for teo years (I am supposed to have one every year). I did have one in January of this year, only because my oldest son had an aneurysm rupture in December that the were able coil. He needed the test so they could make sure the blood flow had stopped. He did not want to do it. I made a deal with him that if he did it, then I would do mine. We kept our deal. His is in good shape (thank you God!). Mine, same thing they have been telling me for at least 5 or maybe more years now, its 4mm, hasn’t gotten any bigger and is still inoperable. I am not doing the test anymore. Enough about me.I will pray for you that God guides you in the direction that you need. Only you can make the decision. I already know what mine would be, but you have to make that decision. I am quite sure you already know that. But I do understand the awfulness of the “after” and I sympathize with you. I will continue to pray for you as I hope others will and I will support you in whatever your decision is. Much love :heart: to you my friend.

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So, it’s been a while since I posted an update. I didn’t want to update with little to no further info, but just so you all know I haven’t dropped off the edge of the world, here it is.

I keep telling other members to get a 2nd opinion and decided to follow my own advice. I’ve tried to learn not to have any expectations when seeing alternative medicos. Going into it with such expectations can lead to disappointment. As expected :laughing: the opinions all vary from ‘Leave it all alone’ to ‘Operate’ to ‘Well, what does the other neurosurgeon recommend…?’ so not really an independant opinion at all. After all of that I’m STRONGLY on the ‘leave it all alone’ team at present.

I’ve received my next ‘Invite’/appointment with the neurosurgeon for the middle of next month. I figure if it was still as urgent as he made out initially, the appointment would be next week, not next month, so I’m taking a bit of comfort in that. It’s just a waiting game again.

There’s your update

Thanks for the update! I agree with you Merl, if it was really important he’d have seen you earlier, so very good news indeed! Although I’m not as patient as I once was🤣