The importance of faith

I want to put out there for survivors of and those currently living with aneurysms the importance that faith plays in the process.

Yes, there is uncertainty. For some, we come close to losing everything. For others, we are blessed to have found out before things go wrong. It is easy to get bogged down in the fear. An aneurysm survivor once remarked to me that fear “plays dirty”. I’m here to tell you that it does; until we don’t let it affect us. Faith plays a large role in securing our strength in place and moving forward. This week has been challenging for me, and I am sure that it is much, much rougher for some of you. I ask that, as survivors, you open your hearts to a will stronger than your own. In the words of my wife, “hand it over”. To whom? To God, to a higher purpose, to something higher than ourselves. We are all here for a reason. This forum space, this sacred place, is here for us—and not all of us are here! For those whose lives have brought them these difficult diagnoses, I pray that you find the strength to beat fear in its ugly game. Be thankful, be mindful of the reality that we are all still here… together… fighting. I am new here, but I will try my hardest to be on here as much as I can so that I can be here for others.

We are unlikely to run into many people like us outside of the internet, so we are what we have. Beyond our families and support networks, here we are. I tell you to have faith is not just paying lip-service to the situation—it is the only way to get through it. Trust in him, trust in your doctors, listen to your body, relax, take time out each day to be mindful, eat right, move reasonably, breathe deep… we are all in this together.


God is and always will be there for you. Trusting His plan is what has me holding on now. Thanks for your post

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God will give you the grace and strength you need when you get there. Right now, you only need enough power for today. Give all your worries and cares to God.

Just recently found out I have a brain aneurysm. I am scheduled for a craniotomy Dec.15th. I know I could not get thru this without God. He keeps me in check and keeps my thoughts positive. When I start feeling overwhelmed, I pray.

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Love your post and all the responding posts.

My own story totally echoed your posts. Should ER doctor not discover my annie, I’d still be dreaming ‘big’ and doing lots of things and probably dying by now.

Loving God for His love to me ensures His existence in my life - with or without annie. Annie is not evil, not depending on God will be.

Thank you for the posts.


Praying for you this week! Where will you have your surgery?

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Excellent words…xx

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Really can’t make it through without the Lord guiding each day.Yesterday was taking my mini horse around the block.And looked up and the clouds were the most beautiful color.I just had a cry and thanked God for bringing such moment for me to see.I will pray for you on Dec. 15.Ima having my second brain craintomy,clipping on Dec.3.God knows the plan he has for us.That can give us peace.God Bless🙏