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How has faith Contributed to your recovery


Posted by Naomi on February 18, 2016 at 12:29pm

A ruptured brain aneurysm can change one's life significantly. Having survived my brain aneurysm six years ago, I am certain that my ability to pull through is attributed to my faith in God.

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Reply by Bernadette 12 hours ago

Yes it does have a great deal to do with our faith. Continue your relationship with GOD. Peace and blessings

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I have surrendered to a greater level and know that my health is in god given gifts of my doctors and conscious contact with creator/ God.

I’ve been doing a practice throughout the day to ground and connect,



I wholeheartedly agree!! All of the things in my life that I considered sooo important, like my house, my business, my vehicles, etc. meant absolutely NOTHING the moment I realized I might actually die...What was/is important is my family! When my family prayed over me just before surgery, I had peace that surpasses all understanding. Several miracles took place, that could not be explained any other way! So praise GOD!! <><

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I agree with Aimee. When I began to realise what had happened, nothing was important except my relationships and my family. Much of my family felt the same. I found out and was quite humbled that there were many people in many states and 2 different countries who were praying for me regularly. I have been developing a closer relationship with God. I do bible study at my house now and actually love reading the bible everyday. I am very thankful to God for all the miracles along the way.

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