Thanks for the welcome

Hello Ladies, thank you for the welcome. Saturday the 28th of June will be 26 years to the day of my surgery. September of this year I will reach my 60th year. My age and my lasting symptoms are the reason I have come. I am more than happy to share my story before and following my rupture. I am also hoping to hear from those who might also have many years since their own experience and what they might be seeing at the present time. Do we need to be more aware, concerned as we age? After all the years since my surgery, am I being worried for nothing? I will be happy to drop in from time to time. I think I also need to learn the ropes around here so I may just visit and read for a while.

Thanks again, Dominic San Giovanni

Hi Dominic, And again Welcome...What about follow up on your clipping? Have you followed up with anyone (neurologist, etc.,) and with your side effects of the rupture? ~ Colleen

Collen, it's been years since I've seen anyone for a checkup. My issues seem to be quite common especially after reading some of the posts here. I am still in the same demanding career as I was when I had my bleed. As an electrician I will always be under stress mentally as well as physically. My jumping into an attic on a Saturday June 11th 1988 is what ruptured my aneurysm. Being someone who never had headaches to having unusual warning pains in my head in the weeks before to a good headache the night before to finally a full blown attack, you could say I'm a classic case study! It was exactly my job that finally caused my rupture. I do have occasional pain at the clip area. My aneurysm was in my left Carotid just behind the eye. I will feel discomfort mostly when I over do it or am overly tired. At times the pain will travel into my neck along the Carotid? I call it my artery ache when I get it. Taking it easy and Ibuprofen usually do the trick. However, this last year they seem to be more pronounced and will actually give me concern. More so than ever before. I do know when it's time to ease up. These are just symptoms that I've come to live with and totally expect. It's just now I feel as if I'm aging faster. I have less stamina now than I did just a year ago. With the big 60 coming up, I'm beginning to wonder if I need to be more cautious with my activities. Should I be concerned that an aging artery can become weaker and possibly rupture again? I know I should be talking with a Doctor. My Neurosurgeon has left the surgical practice and may not be available any longer. I do have a very special bond with him and will always be grateful for him. Words can never relate just what he meant to me. Nor can they define just what a savior he was to my wife and our two very young daughters at that trying time in all our lives. Before I decide to see another Doctor, I thought I could share my story and maybe hear from others with possibly the same things as me.


being my and my families savior


Hello and welcome,

You should book yourself an appointment with a doctor to get an Angiogram with contrast dye done...yes, it might've been 26 years now (congrats!) but lets face it, your living in the same body that threw you a loop with anuerysms way back when, right? You still have the same arteries 'up there', I do think it would be prudent to get checked out

After my 1st aneurysm surgery in 1998 (clipping for Pcom annie), I was never told to go back in for followups, and honestly I didn't think lightning could possibly strike twice...well, I found out how wrong I was on my assumption 8 years later. I had a full on rupture that put me into a coma for 6 weeks, so yeah, maybe i'm a lightning rod but the point is, you may be another human Lightning Rod too! You're noticing of odd's and ends that you 'just live with' and think are normal, may not be as normal as you think...Just my thoughts, take care

Peace, Janet