Clip schedule May 7, 2013 for unruptured anterior communicating artery (sent as email by accident; meant to post here)

Hi All. I am trying to get an idea of what I can expect post procedure. My aneurysm is 2-3mm but thin walled and it's funneling down towards my brain (dura mater actually). My maternal aunt and her daughter (my cousin) both died from ruptured brain aneurysms. Mine was found on a work up for migraines. I will be meeting again with the neurosurgeon (Dr. Tamargo at Johns Hopkins) to ask a few more questions now that I have my thoughts together after getting the initial news that this procedure was needed. However, those that have gone through it tend to be more aware and well, have better insight as having been the actual patient.

Hello Tarobinc, My 68 yr old husband had a 1cm aneurysm which was pushing on the midbrain, he had it coiled in 2007 which had grown bigger over a 5 yr period. He had to have it clipped in August 2012, he did very well during and after surgery, no neurological problems except for a seizure which occurred during surgery,he hasnt had any since. He had some headaches for a couple weeks after surgery but nothing out of the ordinary. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks but most of that was due to the fact that he also has COPD and needed more rehab than the average person. I hope his story will offer you some encouragement. I hope everything goes well for you and God Bless.

Thank you Katt. I am trying to prepare myself but mainly my husband and family for what could happen, basically are normal outcomes. I didn't think about seizures occurring, so that is good for me to be aware of. I am glad your husband was fine after the procedure.

Thanks Aubrey. Great idea about the books on tape! And for sharing your story. I am 40 years old and healthy minus that darn "bubble" in my cerebral artery. I am hopeful my recovery will be as well as yours. My surgeon did keep saying I would be very tired when I tried to get a different answer as to when I could start back to work - I was hoping I could start back sooner rather than later because I just started a new job. (My new boss is extremely understanding, thankfully.) I will be asking about anti-seizure medication when I meet with my surgeon next month, prior to my surgery.

Hello Tarobinc! I just wanted to wish you well! On May 8th of 2013, it will be a year since my clipping for an unruptured aneurysm behind my right eye. I just wanted to offer you some words of encouragement and support! My surgery went well and my family really helped me with their love and care afterwards. Pain management after the surgery was the key to my recovery. I used ice packs and made sure I took my pain medications as directed, with food and on time so I could rest. I hope and pray for you a speedy recovery :)

Hello Tarobinc,

in 1998 at age 36 I had a clipping done for an annie that was pressing hard on my third optic nerve (broke the nerve in two as it grew), so my recovery on that surgery was a bit longer then most post-annie recovery times, as getting my nerve to reconnect and my vision back to square with no double vision was the key to my "okay I'm fine now" point, so about four months or so til I looked normal and could drive again...Also in order to get to the "spot" the surgeon needed to cut thru my temporal muscle so eating anything more then yogurt was a challenge for a few months..but no headaches, no other problems to deal with on that one.

In 2006 , age 44, I collapsed at work due to an annie on the opposite side and was in a coma for 6 weeks...that annie was 2010 at age 47, the coils compacted on me so I thought it was another annie but was glad to hear that the coils were the culprits, and instead of adding more coils I got a clipping done to fix that mess, and my recovery was smooth as can be. No vision problems to deal with, no temporal muscle cut, I was driving within a week or so, really really different then my 1st clipping. I was put on the standard 3 months disability, but could've gone back to work sooner (well, if I'd been employed I could have) ! No residual headaches, nothing negative..As for fatigue, I've always been pretty low on the "get up and go" scale of things, so I don't think fatigue was ever a big factor in my recoveries (Or if it was I never noticed! put it that way) as for time in the hospitals...the 1st clipping I was admitted on 12/17, clipped the 18th, out of the hospital on 12/21...and on the 2nd clipping I was clipped on 3/7/2010 and home on 3/9/2010. ..I was sent for a simple CT scan after the last surgery about 3 weeks post clipping, and all was well. for pain management, I used Advil Liquidgels as I the prescribed Vicodin just made me want to lose my lunch--so that was a no brainer -pardon the pun--for me! But I didn't need anything more then the Advil.

I'm glad your annie was found before a larger problem occurred. Do you have brothers and sisters? If so, I'm sure you know the drill (that they too need to be checked out, regardless if they have or don't have symptoms)..Peace to you Tarobinc, I wish for nothing but super healing vibes be sent your way! Janet

Thank you VM for your information and well wishes. I am glad to read that you are doing well since your surgery.

Good morning Janet! Thank you for all of your information and healing vibes! My sister did get an MRI recently in light of my news. As well as I had our pediatrician put in my children's records that I have an aneurysm as well as a maternal Aunt and cousin. Both, unfortunately expired from their ruptured aneurysms. I say I had two guardian angels looking out for me - so thankful mine was found and can be treated. I am very fortunate.