Thank you - results from my surgeon

Thank you all for your best wishes yesterday, well I saw my surgeon and things are now moving I have to go to have a blood test on Monday and Thursday and take Plavix in between because apparently in a small number of people this drug doesn't work and I need a stent as well as coils this time as the neck of my annie is a little wide, then back to see the surgeon and have some pre-op tests on 8th May with surgery being 7-14 days after that. My surgeon says that they are shutting a lot of Neuro facilities in and around London so my hospital are taking a lot more cases, this is a bit scary as people like me are being put to the end of the queue, and when they tell you your annie is in the second most likely place to rupture and when you've already had a rupture that ups your risk again it does make me a little anxious, but I am here and I know the Lord will take care of me xxxxxx

Hi Elke, I am under Queens in Romford, (I know they have a bit of a reputation in some areas) they are the centre for excellence in Neurosurgery where I am and were absolutely amazing after my SAH last February, I will just be glad to have it all sorted now. Do you need more surgery? I wish you well and thank you for your reply. Have a good day Jill xxxx

Gill, congrats on getting this part organized and scheduled. Interesting, when I was stented, I was not put on plavix until during the procedure; and an 8 wk prescription. I did not react well to it; it was stopped early. It is great you are being tested ahead of treatment.

Wow, sounds like another national/ international budget cut closing those facilities. Prayers it ill not interrupt your schedule.


Thanks Pat, what sort of reactions did you have, just so I know what to expect should it not agree with me either, take care of you xxx


Initially, like flu; then, vision went wild w/flashes/streaks (I already had major vision issues from prior tratments, tho calmer). Then the "bruise" diagnosed by two mds, including the neuro. The swelling section of my right calf was white (not bruise color) w/a red blood streak across its center; bruise color was on the flat area surrounding the swollen white. My family took pictures of it (still have). My reaction did not start as quickly as is anticipated w/a drug; the main reason the MDs did not believe it was more than a bruise.

However, my first penicillin was a miracle drug for me; several years later, I had an immediate reaction w/hives/swelling; instantly taken off it. It took weeks to recede; months for my skin to be normal. I was so miserable, I forgot I was sick.

RE: the plavix, I had no post-reaction blood test to confirm the MDs diagnoses of a bruise. The anesthesia used in this f/u angio procedure included a high volume of plavix, all at one time, during the procedure; thus it suggests high volume plavix can do a lot on an instant basis w/other anesthesia. I have no idea how this plavix was adminsitered.

Plavix was then prescribed for 8 week f/up; stopped after the third symptom.

Just recently received records dated weeks post-plavix; one notes swelling; and CT of blood tests. Interesting on the swelling; more on that later.

I do not mean to alarm you; I do beg that you be alert to any delayed symptoms.

Go to the 'netl if not already done, pull up the info on plavix warnings/reactions. My family did that way back then w/my reactions; I still have so much blanked-out memory. A term "anaphylactic" comes to mind; may be incorrect...but somethign like it.

OK smile, I can use the 'net when I am in Word; get befuddled when I try to access another 'net site while on FB or any other. I can open multiple fiels of my own stored ones!

Thank you for bringing up memory on drugs; it brings to mind some more questions for patients to ask their MDs when they are making decisions on which treament and which facility.

I am so pleased (excited. delighted... better word?) for you having the initial tests on plavix. I did not know those were being done. Well, I have rambled enough.

Hugs and prayers,


Thank you Pat for your reply, sounds like you had a really hard time, I will try not to get too stressed about it all but forewarned is forearmed and if I am alert to these issues maybe any reaction can be caught early, again many thanks have a really good day, hugs and prayers to you too, Jill xxxxxxx

Please keep us informed of your test results...

~ And all of our prayers will be with you Gil...I am sorry it will take awhile until your surgery however, you know what to do to avoid a rupture...keep us posted sweetie...Cyber~prayers your way...and Hugs ~ Colleen