I'm home an recovering now!

thanks to my wonderful husband I am alive today. I almost died, i know without a doubt i was close to death. they found inflammation of the brain, i am being treated with staroids for that and will have headacheds for a very long time now. they changed all my meds so i came home with about $100 worth of medication ouch. but worth it if im going to stay alive. feeling like i felt tuesday when i felt like the life was draining out of me was the scariest moment of my life.

i want to thank all of you for the support ive had from you all its been such a comfort to me.

oh and good news, my anni is almost completly gone already! at least something good came from all this.

I'm glad everything went well for you!! Rest up


Oh my goodness, Dawn. Thank God you are ok. I am glad your husband took you in. Take it easy and let you body heal. I just had some changes in medication too and am looking at $150/mo so I feel your pain. But, if it makes life better, it is worth it. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully we will see you in the chat soon.

God Bless,



I'm glad you're back home and this time hopefully won't have to deal with the ER or any other unforeseen nightmares....It makes my blood boil when I think of how you had to threaten the staff/hospital/doctors in order to get the attention you deserved....I will never understand "the system" and how you were initially completely blown off (And considering the fact that you just had the PED procedure done on the 22nd--their attitude was a total disgrace),...I think I'd consider (when you're feeling up to it), a note to the Medical Board of your State..detailing what you went thru just to be admitted and checked by your own doctor for something that was very real and very frightening. Take Care, Janet

Oh Gosh Dawn...I think all of us were praying so hard for you...I am so glad you are home...and I trust you with no doubt that you were close to death...~ Rest and Rest and take your meds...and Get well...~ Good thoughts being sent your way ~ Colleen


I am so glad, so delighted, so pleased...for you...so hope you and hubby have the pager # of your doc...I would sort of be the guarantee... of your good recovery.

It is a sad shame for what you experienced...the fear factor you experienced...angels were around you...

Prayers for your continued recovery.