Just wanted to share something that helped me to get on w/my life

im reading all the posts and remembering back when i 1st came home from the hospital...i was so grateful to still be alive but was looking for an escape from the fear i was feeling inside..scenes of the night it happened flashing everytime i closed my eyes to try n rest..my escape was God..i was eat,drinking and sleeping God..my tv was permanently on the religious channel..it seemed to calm me listening to his word while awake n asleep..then one day i had to call in to ask for prayer to restore my sound mind n body..i couldnt keep going w/this fear surrounding me..the lady on the line was heaven sent.."literally"..she explained to me that the devil wants to tear families apart, he wants to cause chaos n make it seem like u have no control..and like nothing more than to see the backbone of a family to be removed...we prayed n i tell u i was a different person after that..i was going to,w/Gods help, regain my confidence n shake the timid feelings that were brought on by my anny..when i learned to no longer be afraid the panick attacks came far n few between..i learned to let go n let God...it saved my life, my mind n taught me to put my worries n his hands..life has been much easier..i hope this is able to help anyone else out there struggling..give it over to God n u will get better ...life is good n God is great

Gosh Michelle, thanks so much for sharing...I have just recently come to that conclusion...It's something I have to give up to God, and now the peace and calm have replaced the panic, the terror and the fear that has defined and consumed my life since my diagnosis. Getting mine fixed 11/21-8 more days! Yay! Good luck on your continued road to recovery and thanks for reaffirming the importance of prayer and giving up the feeling we are the ones in control.....(((HUGS)))

hey cece,

God has got ur back sweet lady...no worries ;)

I fully believe that! He is the one who let me find it so it could be fixed before it ruptured....A good, gracious and benevolent God, and I completely give it up to Him and trust Him to do what he will....

well i know god pulled me through this one with flying colors !!! Read your bible a bit each day and if you want i can help you.

hey laurie,

i do try n make sure i get my bible dose everyday and love reading the book of psalms..makes my soul feel rich w/love..thank u for extending ur help..would u mind sharing some inspirational scriptures that have helped u thru..heres a favorite of mine- 1 Peter Ch 5 verses 10&11







You are truly an inspriation for people to reach out to their higher power (God for me) to help realize you dont have control over everything that happens, but that your higher power is there to walk you through it, or carry you through it as my favoriet poem states --Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson is so eloquently put

"The Lord replied,
"The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints,
is when I carried you."

You truly inspire me to remember my Faith and to use it to help me through the tough times.

You are truly one of a kind!


awww Linda u are a pretty special person too...great things are in the wake for us...living this life we have is one of them...thank u so much for such a heart warming compliment...it literally means the world to me..:)

i’ve never been very religious, but when i was in the hospital for five weeks i prayed everyday that i could get well and get home to my babies. i heard from friends and family that so many people prayed and lit candles for me. its good to have faith. so glad god pulled you through.

Your post is wonderful !! thank you , I need to remember this through my times of fear !

My favorite poem, too.


Michelle...thank you for sharing...it may be opening the door for many of us.

pat, where u been hunny? thank u very much..hope ur doing well..were all in this 2gether so watever i can do to to help my anny brothers n sisters to keep the spirits up