Temporary blindess

Hi all ! Had 6.5 internal carotid artery annie cloiled in February of this year. Had an SAH following week. Pretty good recovery... I still have headaches, but not very bad ones most days......

I went back for 6 month MRA -- I do have another annie --2.25? -- One they are "just watching" of course -- too small to work on..... Ok, regardless.. This one is on opposite side. My question, Yes I am finally getting to it---- Once in a while I lose vision in my left eye. (This is the side the coiling was done on.) It doesn't last very long, and I don't have other symptoms with it... Does anyone else experience this?


You need to speak to your Doctor about your vision loss...

Hi M

Sorry to hear about the vision condition. I haven't had this happen before. I recently had clipping done and there is coiling for me in he future. I will be praying that your doctor can give you good info. There are wonderful brave survivors here. I'm confident that you will hear from folks more experienced then me.

Blessings Sal