Taken by ambulance

Hi all haven’t been on for a few weeks. I have just been recouperating been doing well. I evev got a return to work release for the end of February. I don’t want this to scare any one and I know we are not doctor’s. But I had a little scare. I was in the kitchen on Tuesday and I felt very faint and then all I could see was black. My husband sat me down and then my vision went to triple. My husband called the ambulance and I. Was taken to a local hospital. They ran tests and a CT. They said nothing was wrong with me. They even called my neuro suergon. He said it sounds like nothing. What? Not that I want something to be wrong but I don’t think you get triple vision for no reason… I lost my vision on the side where I had my crainiotomy. And they were messing with. My optic nerve. That is where my Annie was. I hope I didn’t freak anyone out. Just boggled
Why this happened.

Doesn’t sound like nothing to me. Keep on them to give you an explanation and keep us in the loop.

their nothing sounds like a lil something going on in that brain of YOURS…i would insist on a follow up cta scan w/contrast…this is your life were talking about here and they should do everything in their power to make you feel safe n secure…good luck sweety n i will keep u in my prayers u get it all straightened out,which i know u will…huggs from texas… :wink:

I wouldn't feel comfortable with their non-reaction either. Twice post coiling (in the first 5 weeks after) I had my arm and then my leg totally fall asleep. The first time I just talked w the doc on the phone, told me to take extra plavix, and ran some blood work the next day - thought a small clot may have broken free. Scary. The second time, I was told to go to ER, and w/i an hour was in an MRI machine - fear again of a clot busting free -by the time I was out of the machine the numbness was gone, so if something did happen, it couldn't be seen since I was symptom free by the time they scanned (even tho they scanned SO quickly). They admitted me overnight for observation, and as scary as that whole thing was, I'm glad they took it seriously. It's surprising to me that you're getting the reaction you are - I think you're okay now, but something may have been happening in that moment, and it's too bad nobody's really even offered you a possible explanation. The main thing is, it passed, it didn't continue. I know with my episodes, that was a key factor. Oh - the bumps on the recovery road can just be really scary and don't help w/ trying to stay calm, right?!?!?!

Have a good night.

Oh shoot…You poor thing…I am finding that once the surgeon fixes the major problem…they donot want to take care of the “after ~ problems”…I do hope and pray someone gets to the bottom of this…and no you didn’t scare me…we are all learning to live with so many things even after the surgery…it is good sometimes to know…we are not alone…God Bless…Hugs Colleen

Thanks for the replys I have an appointment with a neuro eye doc on February 1 I will keep u updated.


I am delighted for you to have your neuro-oph appoinment; are they ordering your records?

My oph was kind / caring...and, did not refer me to a neuro oph...

I had similar reaction to yours. Months after being relicensed, I was on the freeway...turned my head/eyes quickly and thought a black tarp had been thrown over my face... it lightened to a gray-green. The three little dots (name?) in my right eye went wildly active. Friends talked to their oph who told them to get me to a neuro-oph...had to see my oph for that referral.

Then, my neurologist referred me to vision therapy...I just loved it...I then did a follow-up exam with the neuro-oph...The change in my vison in those 8 months was significant. I continued therapy another 6 months.

Which artery aneurysm did you have treated?

There are several nerves that relate to our vision; the optic (II) connects to our eye; the others related are Oculomotor (III) and Trochlear (IV) and Abducens (VI); likely others and/or other areas of our brain that interconnect... They all do diff parts of vision from eye movement to photophobia to color...I trip on all the terms..

The National Eye Institute / National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a really good diagram of the eye and the optic nerve, and all the other parts of our eyes...How the other nerves connect I do not know...i.e. comparing to the optic nerve...

Please do keep us informed...I am delighted for you to have that appointment...


Thanks pat. Your very informative. My surgery of curse was done on the ophthalmic artery.

I meant "of course " don’t need any more curses. Over in this neck of the woods!!

HI Meleah ~

I agree with all the others that this is something more than nothing and am glad you are going to the eye doc. But February can be a long time so if it happens again I would be the first to get to ER wether via ambulance or myself. I had double vision with my rupture and drooping eye and facial to the right side. These started almost a week before I was able to get treatment and would come and go, but the drooping and dialiated eye were constant. The dialation lasted for about a month or two after my coilings. Just FYI that you are not going crazy!!!

Take care and hope you get some clear answers!

I can’t explain why this happened. I can share I had my annie just over a year ago and have been experiencing lots of craziness with my eyes. At times, I’ve had blurred vision, sometimes seen black spots, double and triple vision, lots of shadowing of lines when I try to read. I visited my eye doctor and he said since I am getting ready to return to work he advises I have a pair of work glasses specifically for computer work & reading he will eliminate my distance vision from my work glasses and will add a prism. When he adds the prism it removed the double/triple vision I was experiencing. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Hi, I haven’t been on much either but wanted to check in on you and I am glad I did!!! I am sure everything is fine but it is scary!!! I would live to meet and have lunch or something so we can talk about everything! Let me know if you are up to it!!