ER visit, admitted overnight to hosp., just home

Well - I had a GREAT 2nd opinion appt on Thurs (that I'll write about separately another time), so that was good and thanks to those who were asking about it.

But last night (6 wks post coiling/stent) my left leg below knee suddenly went crazy w/ pins/needles and didn't stop for about 10 mins - long story short - went to ER (as told to), it was taken seriously and they moved quickly and actually got me an MRI w/ contrast (many ER's only do CT scans, and I don't want more radiation), but by the time the MRI was done the numbness was gone. So the concern was that I may have had a TIA, as this also happened a few weeks ago but w/ my arm. They admitted me overnight for observation and I had no further problems so am home now. This hospital (not the one where I was coiled) does a ultrasound/doppler (dont have the name right in front of me) to check for small clots or areas that are forming / at risk for small clots, but they don't do it on weekends so they will have me scheduled asap hopefully this week - I'd never even heard of this test, and am really glad it's out there. My surgery-hospital is a major hospital, and they don't have it - so I'm glad I ended up at this other major hospital and now will get that test.

I was SO scared. And at some point it was hard to know what was anxiety and what could have been stroke symptoms (ie, dizziness, paying too much attention perhaps to sensations in my leg...) - it was just scary to be in the ER, in the MRI, and though I'm SO SO thankful that I was seen quickly by teams of doctors (ER docs, neurology/the stroke team), that was scary too...drove home that they were worried.

So - I'm going to try to put my feet in the land of TRUST and not let this take me down emotionally, it's just been a really scary 8 weeks since these aneurysms were discovered. I'm still in a state of shock/unreality about the whole thing at times....that 8 weeks ago this wasn't even on the radar, and now I've had brain surgery and still have 2 un-treated aneurysms, and then the ER visit and re-admit......lots to deal with!

Thanks for all the support.



I hope you have calmed down a bit now. Sorry to hear about your scare!!!

Take it easy and rest. Your in my prayers.


Hey Jennifer. I just woke up and saw your post. Sounds like you beat me on the worry front. I feel so bad for you. It’s tgat darn other shoe thing. I spent two years not giving annie number two a second thought then boom. I really want to talk o the doc about just fixing the damn thing in a while. Praying for good things for you.

Will be saying a prayer for you. Great that it sounds like you live near several great hospitals. lisa