Survivors I have a question

I Have a question? I have been feeling a little deprest. I had an aneurysm 10yrs ago, I dont think It has anything to do with it, but lately I have been thinking about my life befor the aneurysm and I can honestly say I am a totally diffrent person from who I was back then. I know a lot can change in 10 years especially a person. I guess what im trying to ask has this happend to anyone? Or is it just me?

yyours is def not an isolated situation…i think anyone who has gone thru a near death experience walks away from it totally different…i will never be the same as i was before but i will be better,more understanding n not as hot headed as i used to be…i believe women in general go thru things especially once u pass 40…hormones…estrogen levels are off which causes mood swings n Lord knows what else…we are the thread tha4 holds our families together…so when something happens that shows we are human and just as vulnderable as anyone else…its sort of like shell shock…just dont lose ur balance n keep ur faith…God will not leave us when we need him most…love n prayers…michelle n texas

I think it might be a faze but when I think of how much my life changed after it I get so confused. But thank you for your insight its always nice to know that there is someone you can relate to.:)

Yes…yes…all of our lives have changed greatly since the annies…often hubby and I call it … pre~annie days and after annie surgery…although I still have one that hasn’t been dealt with yet…still a journey…I know…I count my blessings everyday…yes very changed…Colleen

On 2/28/1994 (age 34) my wife was her normal self as I have known her since 1972. On 3/5/1994 her ruptured aneruysm changed almost everything about her in so many ways. Fast forward to 5/24/2011 (age 52) she is more the person after 3/5 then she was on 2/28. So I believe subjectively that a ruptured aneruysm causes many physiological changes in suvivors. I cannot attribute age or hormones to the person she is now.

Wow! Im sure that must have been hard times for family and yourself, but im sure you still love her all the same. Im glad to hear that maybe its not all in my head. And have to deal with the changes in me. I wonder if it has anything to do with what part of the brain it affects us? But thank you I think your response was very helpful.

I don’t know how old you are - but regardless - I do think that it’s normal to hit a time in life where you look back and think about the past, perhaps deal with losses that you had, and wonder about the future. Having an aneurysm does provide such a “before” and “after” timeline - and I think that any big experience like that is life changing. But I guess I’m also trying to normalize having a period of really thinking about our own lives and feeling our own mortality, and feeling a little down. The main thing is…what you do about feeling down. Give yourself the time and space you need - you can’t force yourself out of it - but stay connected to the things that you love and that give your life joy and meaning, and try and trust that this is a phase that will pass. Probably a very normal phase. But, if things get worse, don’t hesitate to get professional help!


I don't think I could find a more precious person than my wife. Prior to her rupture she was a hard charging career oriented female. I couldn't help but marry the new person she had become.

Yes many things changes when they open our brain up. Its funny you say you changed, I was inverted, now I talk to everyone along my path. I leave the cabinet doors open. Fall down alot go into depression beacuse I have so many physical problems since surgery,I slur my words sometimes, putting on my socks I can roll over on the floor. I just hit my had I had brain surgery. Hang in there,

How sweet and lucky her!!!

see i was very outgoing and ready to tackle anything that came my way now im more introverted than ever and I hate it. I think i just approach everything I do with caution. I will keep hanging in there…

Thank you for your word. I believe your right I need to make the time to have for myself and reflect on all the wonderful things that surround my life that so many people do not have. Maybe it is a phase and maybe its not but i made the appointment to see my doctor. I cant let the petty things in life bring me down. There is a reason I survived and Im going to make it count