Surgery rescheduled to November 20th

Hi all,

I got the call this morning that my surgery had to be changed due to an emergency. I rescheduled for November 20th. It's not too bad but I was so geared up and getting things in order for Thursday. I understand things happen but I was so bummed out at first. I put it out of my mind now and at least I'll have a little more time to do other things and work another week and a half. I never thought this would happen although reading the paperwork it is a possibility and there's nothing I can do about it. Oh well, they always say things work out for the best so that's what I'm going with. Thanks for listening,


Hi Bonnie,
I’d imagine you’d just as soon get the clipping done and out of the way. That kind of delay probably wreaks havoc on your emotions, and I’m sorry you have to wait it out…so much for planning! I’m glad you clued us all in though. Take care,


everything happens for a reason.

Hi Bonnie, So sorry you have to wait. Hang in there.

Thanks everyone for your support.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Having the aneurysm has taught me patience if nothing else.

hi Bonnie-aww sorry -great attitude, it will be for the best! keep the faith ! i know you will!!

Oh Bonnie...what a disappointment...? I truly believe everything happens for a many good it is switched to November 20th...Please keep safe with the Northeastern coming your parents live outside of Allentown...Will continue to kepp you in my thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen, I'm over it now. We're actually predicted to get between 3-6 inches of snow but the good news is it will warm up for the weekend close to 60. I pray the people along the coasts get through this unscathed. They've had enough to deal with. Take care,


Thanks Evy now I'm focusing on the 20th as if I was never scheduled for tomorrow. It will work out and things will be fine. Take care,


You are so right Ron. I think I get a lot of my inspiration from you as you are a very positive person who has gone through so much, thanks for that. Take care,


Thanks Myra, I'm doing my best and things happen for a reason. Take care,