HOME!...(Still in the hospital but doing my best to keep positive!)..NOW HOME!

Hello everyone,

I am doing as promised and keeping you all updated.
I was able to go home for the weekend which was so nice. I was told that I would be able to stay home until the end of this week but then received a call from the doctor on Monday morning saying that they wanted me back to try another antibiotic.
I was given this new antibiotic yesterday morning, 1 tablet to start off. After several hours I started to breakout in red spots so was given meds to stop a bad reaction.
After much concideration it is decided today that they are going to try me on the same antibiotic today with allergy meds at the same time. I get 1/4 tablet now and if all goes good then I try another whole tablet tonight. Once they find something that works for me then I will be able to go home. When that will be I don’t know. I take walks out in the sun during the day and as of yesterday been doing word search…lol

The puppies are doing so good and are so beautiful! I thank god for my mother-in-law and my daughter. They have taken such good care of all my dogs. The puppies are 7 weeks old today. I have spent aprox. a week and half with them since they were born. I visit them via webcam…lol

The shame about all this is I feel pretty good, get tired fast but that’s all part of recovery. My neuro called me yesterday and it almost felt weird to say “everything with my head seems to be fine, I look a bit odd without a skull bone but that I can live with for now”…lol…I don’t think he knew exactly what to say at that point so he just said “Kimberley, You have had bad luck from the word go”…I thought no kidding…LOL
Anyways he promised that he would make me pretty again, well as soon as we can find an antibiotic that works for me… :slight_smile:

I have faith and I believe everything is going to be alright. This is just something extra that I have to go through so that I can help someone else when it’s needed.

So once again how is everyone doing? Go to any dances latley? any parties? card games? ect.
Live life everyone!!!..

Cbyer hugs all around

Yes...I so agree Kimberley to live and embrace and cherish the moments...so glad you are feeling good...that is so important, but I know it is scary feeling for you...Keeping my Fingers and Toes crossed that antibiotic works well...

Cyber~ prayers and good thoughts coming your way...Colleen


It was unique to be able to go home for the weekend..all the years I worked, I loved taking off for the weekend!

So hope that antibiotic worked well for you and you are home with the puppies...as that is your preference.

You probably told us...my memory always interferes...what symptoms did you have that brought on the antibiotics? What is the infection called / named / entitled? Forgive me if you have already told us.

You write so well, have you thought about beginning to write your story? Maybe you already have...

Prayers to you,


Hi Pat.

Here in Sweden things are done a bit differently when it comes to hospital stay or so I have learned. When they asked me if I wanted to go home for the weekend I jumped at it. :)

I have now been home since Thursday evening and it feels wonderful. The puppies are 8 weeks old on Wednesday and two of them are already going to be moving too their new homes. :( I have spent a total of 2½ weeks when them since they were born so I am enjoying this few day I have with them before they move.

What I know about the infection is that when they grew it from the part of my skull bone that they removed it came back as a skin type of infection. Because of the 5 different antibiotics that they had me on in a short period of time they are not exactly sure which ones I am allerigic too. My body went through something that was so horrible I actually thought I was going to die. I had at one point asked the doctors if I should call my kids in the states so that they could come say good bye to their mom. After 5 hours and some tests the doctor finally came to me and said that they believed I didn't need to call my kids that I would make it though. I had such pain that went through my entire body and broke out in such a horrible rash along with blisters and fevers that reached 103.9. My hands and feet took the worst of it. I could not even hold my own glasses for days because of the pain.

I need to have a 4th surgery in August and before that can happen they need to do allergy tests which I am told a lung specialist is going to do once my body stops reacting to the last antibiotics. I am on an antibiotic now along with antihistamine and cortison. I seem to be doing ok with it.

I still have infection in my head so I need to be on antibiotics for another 3 weeks. My entire body is peeling skin and I just keep saying that I can't go commit any crimes because I leave DNA everywhere.

I am very grateful to be alive and I am determined not to land back in the hospital before the next surgery. I believe that after going through something like this it totally changes your prospective on life and all for the GOOD!

As for writting my story, I have been keeping a journal.

Thanks for the prayers Pat!

:) Kimberley

Contgrats on seeing the puppies and keep fighting the battle girl. You sound good.

You go girl! When you have a down day remember we are rooting for you and keeping you in our prayers.